Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crème de la Mer Ultimate Experience

The past few days were hell. It had been a long time since I felt this ill and therefore I've spend the last 4 days camping on the sofa/in bed, which bored me out of my mind. And this while knowing that I've got plenty things waiting for me to finish up at work. And the only thing I craved for -besides a decent meal, I've been surviving on bread sticks- was the full body massage I got at work last week, to loosen me up and liberate me from this constant headache.

Last week I got to opportunity to be a model for a La Mer-expert, that needed to train her massaging skills. When a friend of mine at work told me about it, at first I thought that it would be nothing more than a mini-facial along with some skincare tips. Little did I know she signed me up for the Crème de la Mer Ultimate Experience. It was amazing: my feet, legs, stomach, back, neck and arms, literally every inch of my body got exfoliated, scrubbed and massaged with La Mer's top-rated products. And if that weren't enough I got a complete face treatment as well. I believe I almost fell asleep when the La Mer-exepert started to massage the contours of my eyes with The Eye Concentrate's applicators, and it wasn't just because calm ocean sounds were playing in the background. I've been a regular at beauty spa's, especially after stressful exams, seeking for some treatment to calm me down. If I only knew that La Mer gives the best spa treatments! But then again, back then I was living on a student budget...

I know what I'm getting my mom this upcoming Mother's day. I'm getting her a gift card for this 2,5 hour lasting treatment! Not only because I want to pamper her with some of the best beauty products out there (she's a huge fan of The Moisturizing Gel Cream btw) but also, I've been bragging about The Body Refiner so much lately, that I've probably made her very curious.

During the massage last week, the La Mer-expert said to her trainer that 'indeed, The Body Refiner-scrub gave my skin a sparkly glow'. When I asked them both how so, they told me that I had about 2 carat diamond powder on me. I couldn't believe it: diamond dust in body and face creams? After the treatment, I checked the mirror and yes, I was sparkling from head to toe. But more importantly, my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. And I couldn't stop looking at my skin up close, never mind talking about how fun my day at work had been. So now, on my wish list: I want The Body Refiner!

PS: And since my boyfriend broke his collar bone today, maybe I owe him a La Mer Ultimate Experience-massage as well in four-to-six weeks ...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Roberto Cavalli FW 2011

Since my boyfriend is out carting, I decided to spend this dull sunday afternoon catching up with what's happened in the 'fashion world' the past few weeks. I'm watching all of the videos on

And oh, I love Lanvin's 'cape-dresses' and Gucci's vintage feel when it comes to this seasons bags and furs -although I'm not a 70's type of girl, I want that red chiffon dress!-

But my favorite collection has to be Cavalli's: I loved the combo of embroideries and silk! As you may know, last year I was obsessed with the Italian house's silky leopard scarf and now, this year the items Cavalli designed feel like an extension of that. Furthermore, I think Eva is completely right: some looks do feel like armor. They immediately reminded me of late medieval fashion and oriental influences. The girls looked like they just came back from the crusades wearing elaborate decorated doublets, even though the clothes had a very modern cut. These are the pieces I would fight for, I want them in all-black though.

Btw. I don't know why but when I watched the video again, Lily Donaldson-look in Etro Spring Summer 2008 flashed through my mind.

credit: Photo: Yannis Vlamos /; video: InDigital Media

La fille d'O Meets Lily Cole Meets Mini Cooper

What's not to like about this video?!

My sister and I talked it through and we're heading to Ghent this month for more la fille d'O! I still need to figure out what I'll get since I want it all (and want it now)!
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Credits go to for finding and recommending the video.