Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2012

Can someone please tell me when the collection will hit the stores?
Seeing this new Sofia Coppola-line makes me want the bag even more!

image via ELLE - December 2011-issue

Opposites Attract

Yes. I'm still alive and shopping.
Behold,  -as 2011 is almost over- the only two pairs of shoes I bought this entire year...

Isabel Marant Willow Sneakers from Seven (Knokke) and Chanel boots (Milan)
or according to my boyfriend: The snowboarding and Gestapo-boots

FYI: If you are looking for the IM-sneakers, hurry up. Still a 37 and 41 left at Seven (Knokke-Heist) -at least when I left this store last friday. More colors available soon, but be sure to call in advance to guard your spot on the waiting list. Graanmarkt 13 (Antwerp) carries them as well, but more waiting lists there. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Clinique Vending Machine

And eventhough my drawers at home are filled and filled and filled with Clinique products, this makes me wish I travelled more ... (credits go to It-girl.be for sending me the link)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tim Walker ft. Jo Malone

Once again, Tim, I'm in love ...

Jo Malone "Wild Bluebell" by Tim Walker

Friday, July 22, 2011

Moving in

Hello, temporary walk-in!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

La Fille d'O

I finally made it to Ghent. As my sister already revealed last week*, we headed over to the city since -as they say- "we were in desperate need for some 'O". My favorite la fille d'O-pieces were literally falling apart and we wanted to get our hands on some coveted pieces before they all sold out.

A few days before, I made up (read: drew up) my wish list (with the webshop as my guide), only to realize that two must-haves were no longer available in my size; No, wonders & faces will never be mine. But as my list is never a short one, I happily tried on naughty (bikini** top in s1 black) & nerve (bikini pants in s2 black). I already have both designs in about 3 different colors/fabrics, and as they are my all time favorite lfd'O-designs, deciding wasn't that hard at all. But I never leave Maison d'O with just one set of undergarments. After a lot of pondering and 'omg-i-want-them-all-i-can't-choose', I went ahead and got blue hotel, a lovely black mini-dress. I immediately fell in love with the supersoft fabric, those subtle see-through details and its lovely shape. I got so excited that I decided that 'no, I don't need another bra, I want to show off that dress' and -as my boyfriend predicted- I already wore it the next day for some (casual) family dinner parties.

pictures: lafilledo.com

But this doesn't mean there's nothing left on my wish list and I've got everything my little 'O-heart desires. I want must just get a few more things of what I tried on that day. Luckily, Murielle wrote down my sizes and thus, hurray for online stores!

Curious for more? Go visit the store in Ghent. It's well worth the trip over there, especially since Murielle 's tender love and care are a tremendous help! Her advice is priceless and I wish she had two more sets of hands so that she could design more must-haves and I could expand my all ready too large collection.

*= the bikini top my sister got, is amazing as well. I tried it on and it fitted like a glove! #shouldgetthisalso
**= note, I'm not fond of swimming, just wear them as regular lingerie

family dinner-outfit: chanel nechlace, lfd'O blue hotel, h&m cardigan
balenciaga bag & chanel ballerina flats

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer's Here

Picking cherries in his backyard.

smartphone quality picture
zara dress - chanel necklace - sonia rykiel sandals - Aveda hair color (done that day)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion Film - Chanel Cruise 2012

Yes, Karl made another one...

That white casino-dress (Louisa) is stunning by the way!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Isabel Marant

My many pairs all white Converse All Stars and Dior-sneakers bore me. I want new ones. These:

picture via Net-a-Porter

Okay, these Isabel Marants are not completely white, and the suede will only get dirtier and therefor darker. But these look amazing and have a build-in wedge that lengthen your legs. I want these. And I need $660.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bridal gowns

I'm pretty sure I don't want to get married - for obvious reasons I'm not going to discuss here. But yesterday, while taking my auntie that is visiting us from Italy on a city trip through Dusseldorf, I stumbled on one of the nicest dresses I had ever seen.

Usually, bridal gowns come across to me as being made out of relatively cheap god-knows what kind of fabrics. And more and more they seem to have the same oh so original designs: strapless top, wider long boring skirt. Or at least those of the brides who's wedding I attended. (Vera Wang or Elie Saab-designs are thus excluded from this). But then, all of a sudden at Apropos, in between T's by Alexander Wang and Louboutins, a white stunning dress caught my attention. It was the most beautiful wedding dress I had ever seen: yes, it was strapless, and it featured tulle just like many other dresses, but it looked like perfection, and for the next 5 minutes I repeated: 'K., if you get me a dress like this, okay, then I might just say yes'. Then I figured that white just isn't my color, and I would rather spend 3 000 euro on something else then a dress you just take out of your closet and stare at once and a while - 'cause no, I really don't want to get married, even if I get the dress. Sorry, mom, didn't mean to get your hopes up.

Now, when seeing the dress online on a model. No, it wasn't the perfect dress at all. It wasn't as 'short' as I thought it would be. And it's way too asymmetrical. But my god, I do love many many other dresses of the Kaviar Gauche Bridal Couture-collections. Brides to be, take notes, 'cause these are just amazing!

PS: No-one tops Givenchy Fall 2009 though. And regarding the Royal Wedding: Yes, the McQueen-design was gorgeous and suited for a princess but boy, I'm bet PPR is thrilled with their brand's dress being the talk of the town.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

M*A*C Nailpolish

I just had to have these! I can't showing off the new colors of my nails!
I <3 the M*A*C's Quite Cute-nailpolish collection: little girl type & mischievous mint.

The Quite Cute collection is now available at your local M*A*C-store or counter...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alexander McQueen at the Met

Practically once a week I nag my boyfriend that I want to go back to NYC. And this Alexander McQueen-exposition wasn't helping at all. But now apparently there's a limited edition-scarf to go with it? Come on, you're killing me here!

Photo: Courtesy of Alexander McQueen/Harper's Bazaar

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Liège - April 77

No need to tell you how amazing the weather was yesterday. It was lovely to finally walk around barelegged in one of my favorite spring dresses. As it would have been a shame to pass the day inside, we decided to head out to Liège and spend the day wandering around the city.

It was so much fun: we visited my favorite store Irina Khä, had a nice lunch outside on one of the city's busy squares and we were about to head back to the parking lot via a different route when we stumbled upon a store I hadn't visited in 5 years. I even don't know what the store is called. All I know is that -as former Fornarina fans- my sister and I were regulars at this tiny store. At first I didn't want to enter the shop, as I definitely left that clothing style behind me, but I guess the 'Liquidation Totale'-sign lured me  in.

Now, I'm not that kind of person who'll just buy something just because it has a Sale-tag on it. But as soon as I saw that the soon-to-be-gone store carried April 77-jeans, it got pretty interesting. I found the skinny jeans all over the shop, in all colors and fabrics but none that suited my 'new style' (think: suited enough to wear to the office). And then, there they were: my all-time favorite velour silvery, skinny pair of April 77! The ones I wore 24/7 during spring/summer 2008! In my size! At half price (120 euro - 50%)! I immediately grabbed them to go and try them, wondering if they would still fit me since I hadn't worn the pair I have at home in ages, as they are to worn-down anyways and I'm too scared that they'll rip-apart in a very public place. But these, these were 'brand new' and they fit me all right. And as the belt-loop had come off, I got my all-time favorite pair at -75%! My parents often think I'm crazy, because I usually buy my favorite items twice, weary of the day that the fabrics give up and the shoes, the jacket, the shirt, whatever just falls apart, but this was a damn good deal!

So if you're a fan of April 77-jeans, make sure to visit the shop at the corner of Rue de l'Université and Rue de la Cathédrale, 'cause probably the next time I'm in town the shop will sell out!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crème de la Mer Ultimate Experience

The past few days were hell. It had been a long time since I felt this ill and therefore I've spend the last 4 days camping on the sofa/in bed, which bored me out of my mind. And this while knowing that I've got plenty things waiting for me to finish up at work. And the only thing I craved for -besides a decent meal, I've been surviving on bread sticks- was the full body massage I got at work last week, to loosen me up and liberate me from this constant headache.

Last week I got to opportunity to be a model for a La Mer-expert, that needed to train her massaging skills. When a friend of mine at work told me about it, at first I thought that it would be nothing more than a mini-facial along with some skincare tips. Little did I know she signed me up for the Crème de la Mer Ultimate Experience. It was amazing: my feet, legs, stomach, back, neck and arms, literally every inch of my body got exfoliated, scrubbed and massaged with La Mer's top-rated products. And if that weren't enough I got a complete face treatment as well. I believe I almost fell asleep when the La Mer-exepert started to massage the contours of my eyes with The Eye Concentrate's applicators, and it wasn't just because calm ocean sounds were playing in the background. I've been a regular at beauty spa's, especially after stressful exams, seeking for some treatment to calm me down. If I only knew that La Mer gives the best spa treatments! But then again, back then I was living on a student budget...

I know what I'm getting my mom this upcoming Mother's day. I'm getting her a gift card for this 2,5 hour lasting treatment! Not only because I want to pamper her with some of the best beauty products out there (she's a huge fan of The Moisturizing Gel Cream btw) but also, I've been bragging about The Body Refiner so much lately, that I've probably made her very curious.

During the massage last week, the La Mer-expert said to her trainer that 'indeed, The Body Refiner-scrub gave my skin a sparkly glow'. When I asked them both how so, they told me that I had about 2 carat diamond powder on me. I couldn't believe it: diamond dust in body and face creams? After the treatment, I checked the mirror and yes, I was sparkling from head to toe. But more importantly, my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. And I couldn't stop looking at my skin up close, never mind talking about how fun my day at work had been. So now, on my wish list: I want The Body Refiner!

PS: And since my boyfriend broke his collar bone today, maybe I owe him a La Mer Ultimate Experience-massage as well in four-to-six weeks ...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Roberto Cavalli FW 2011

Since my boyfriend is out carting, I decided to spend this dull sunday afternoon catching up with what's happened in the 'fashion world' the past few weeks. I'm watching all of the videos on Style.com.

And oh, I love Lanvin's 'cape-dresses' and Gucci's vintage feel when it comes to this seasons bags and furs -although I'm not a 70's type of girl, I want that red chiffon dress!-

But my favorite collection has to be Cavalli's: I loved the combo of embroideries and silk! As you may know, last year I was obsessed with the Italian house's silky leopard scarf and now, this year the items Cavalli designed feel like an extension of that. Furthermore, I think Eva is completely right: some looks do feel like armor. They immediately reminded me of late medieval fashion and oriental influences. The girls looked like they just came back from the crusades wearing elaborate decorated doublets, even though the clothes had a very modern cut. These are the pieces I would fight for, I want them in all-black though.

Btw. I don't know why but when I watched the video again, Lily Donaldson-look in Etro Spring Summer 2008 flashed through my mind.

credit: Photo: Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.com; video: InDigital Media

La fille d'O Meets Lily Cole Meets Mini Cooper

What's not to like about this video?!

My sister and I talked it through and we're heading to Ghent this month for more la fille d'O! I still need to figure out what I'll get since I want it all (and want it now)!
Read our reviews about favorite lingerie brand here: by Shark Attack 1 and Shark Attack 2.

Credits go to Belmodo.tv for finding and recommending the video.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Clinique - Chubby Stick

Presenting my new favorite lip balm: Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm. I've been meaning to start bragging about this amazing new lip color ever since I first tried a sample a few months ago but what's the point in getting everyone's hopes up if it wasn't for sale yet. Great news: now it is!

The reasons why I'm totally in love with the Chubby Sticks are simple:
- the jojoba-oil, shea and mango butter ingredients render my lips soft and moisturized (very important during harsh wintertimes!) while nourishing them with anti-oxidants.
- the colors are amazing! I hope you can tell from the picture below: the Chubby Sticks have a soft, natural yet intense color, and this while feeling as light as a regular lipstick (I've never been a fan of super shiny and sticky lip glosses by the way!) And so, I'm planning to get this balm in even more tints, and for my mom and sister as well.
- the Chubby Stick's crayon shape is not only cute - I keep one at work in my pencil case - its design is also handy since you just twist the cap on the bottom to use it (no smudging!).

And so my beauty wish list expands: Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Chunky Cherry.

Super Strawberry and Woppin' Watermelon

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prada Ad

I'm not crazy for the bananas but I do want that pink/black & white striped boa!
This is one of the coolest ad campaigns I've seen in a long long time.

High Fashion on the Big Screen - Rodarte's Black Swan

Patricia, my Fashion Film-partner in crime sent me this Style.com-link the other day, something I most definitely would have overlooked due to packed agendas: High Fashion on the Big Screen. I was delighted to see this lovely overview, although it made me miss working on my thesis. And I learned a few new things as well: I never knew that the Wizard of Oz-slippers where by Salvatore Ferragamo!

all images via Style.com

Yesterday I saw Black Swan by the way. Although it's a movie about the dance industry, I was glad that it wasn't a 'Save the Last Dance'-type of movie. The story is quite dark and scary, and Portman's performance is amazing -great moves by the way! Many things were said about Rodarte not getting any credit for their costume designs (I guess not much has changed in the last 100 years since fashion films emerged). Yes, the outfits in the movie are perfect. As I took ballet-classes when I was a kid, I would love to wear any of tutus shown in the film, but the White and Black Swan-outfits were beautiful but not as fashion-forward as I thought they would be, especially since it caused such a stir. They were just so conservative for being by the hand of my beloved Rodarte. What do you think?

Eitherway, on a different note, Patricia and two of her fashionable friends have launched a new fashion blog: Ella & Louise! I love it since it so versatile. Street style, personal style and fashion news; Great combo!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jason Wu F/W 2011

I'm not a Jason Wu-type of girl. But that golden, embroidered dress is stunning!
And the 24 carat hair is by Aveda!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York

One of my favorite site by newspapers is The New York Times. One page I always check when visiting the site is On The Street with Bill Cunningham - Just see for yourself to understand why. So when I spotted the trailer of this documentary about the photographer on The Sartorialist I got really excited! I really wish that they'll show this 'fashion film' (I miss my thesis badly!) in Belgium or I'll just have to order it on Amazon.com once again... Btw. has anyone seen Valentino The Last Emperor yet?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Estée Lauder & Derek Lam F/W 2011

Mister Tom Pecheux, you make me wish for fall 2011!
Estée Lauder's Creative Make-up Director never fails to excite me (remember the Blue Dahlia-line?) and so when I saw his latest creation for Derek Lam's show my heart practically skipped a beat. I'm crazy for metallics, especially when it comes to eye shadows, so how could I not love this sleek look called Pure Color. It has this glamour, party make-up feel to it, but is still very sophicticated and classy.

I can't wait to get my hands on it and try for myself. Only a few month to go, right?

Makeup: Tom Pecheux for Estée Lauder

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cayman Collection

Finally I got the chance to see my new case -since I had it delivered to my parents' house. I absolutely love the flashy color, the croc-texture and the smell of the Italian leather, which reminds me of old southern shoe shops. Just as I thought it would be the first time I spotted the case on carolinesmode.com

My leather goods are becoming a bit too matchy-matchy though.

D&G Bag - Graphic Image-case & Marc Jacobs-key ring

Btw. The service by Graphic Image is amazing - the case wrapped nicely in a cotton cloth/nice box and the package arrived from NY in only one week.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I don't know why but I think this picture is amazing. I didn't even notice the crabs at first. Maybe that PS1-has something to do with it though.
Picture: The Barneys catalogue
Read the whole article here

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

M*A*C Cosmetics

 Great news! One of my favorite make-up brands just launched a brand new website for Belgium and The Netherlands! Visit http://www.maccosmetics.be/ and http://www.maccosmetics.nl/ to find out more on their latest products and collections (make sure to sign up for the newsletter) and to view Do It Yourself-videos.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

iPhone Case

Wanted: a nice, leather iPhone-case.
Yesterday we spent the day shopping in Dusseldorf (great shopping city by the way: Chanel, Tiffany's ... ) and I decided to start looking for a protective case for my phone, since it bothers me that I can't put my keys in the same pocket as my phone 'cause it would scratch it. So it's either a new bag with more pockets in it or a case. Finding a bag I like usually isn't the problem but since I already have too many, I decided to go for the latter. Problem is that the only ones I could find, are too -let's say it like it is- ugly.

First stop, the Louis Vuitton-store at Köningsallee. And since I'm not a huge fan of the classic monogram or the damier graphite buying a 180 euro case wasn't an option.
(Source: Louis Vuitton)

Next stop was Gucci, but those were just horrible! See for yourself.
(Source: Gucci)

While my sister was looking for some new shoes, I asked the sales assistant at Prada's if he could help me out. He said all of the iPhone-cases were sold out but gave me brochure so I could see what they were like. Maybe I'm too picky but these are just plain boring. Why can't Prada make an iPhone-case that matches my credit card holder
(Source: Prada)

And so my phone is still without a cover and I'm in need of your help! Do you know where I can find a cool one? 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Givenchy Couture - Pt. 2

I have missed most of the men fashion shows and I'm still catching up on all the articles regarding the Couture-shows for spring 2011. But without seeing anything else from the other designers, I already know Givenchy will be my favorite, once again! (and I don't even like pastels btw.)

Pictures by Givenchy

Monday, January 24, 2011

Estée Lauder Nederland

Just a quick shout-out to Shark Attack's Dutch readers to join the brand new Estée Lauder Nederland-fanpage! If you're looking for an interactive platform to discover and communicate with this first-class beauty brand, this facebook-site will be the place to be.