Friday, November 16, 2012


Dear anyone*,

With holidays coming up, I'm sure you are now already pondering what to get me as a Christmas present this year. Let me help you with that;
I am aware that we set a 50€ budget this year, but please know that I would be super excited with the following 60' qee. My living room is still quite empty you see.

Thank you.

* - most likely: sister, boyfriend or BFF
** - picture by

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I finally managed to add some color to our living room...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cartier // Ring

Remember the Panthère-ring I was so crazy about?
Last weekend I found out how much it really is.... *brace yourselves* .... about 19 000 EUR. #FML

picture via

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

YSL Classic High-Top Sneakers

I wish these came for girls too!

YSL Classic High-Top Sneakers in White Patent Leather
screenshot via

Chanel Gadgets

Spotted at the London New Bond Street-store last weekend: The Chanel Matroushka purse. I think this edition is once again too darn cute but my boyfriend just doesn't understand... Is the KL-doll a better option then, uh? No, don't think so either.

Chanel Store, New Bond Street, London
Random toy store in Knokke, Belgium

Monday, July 16, 2012

YSL scarf

I must confess, I'm addicted to scarfs! McQ's skulls, LV's monograms, Hermes or Gucci's silk, every season I fall I'm love with one which makes me look forward to fall...

Well, London last weekend felt like a cold November rainy day,and thus, again I went crazy for a scarf. This time a YSL leopard one in blue, purple, green and pink - I can't even decide! If I had the budget that is. 660 GBP was just too much. Someone please help me with a saving plan as I can't get it out of my head... This Belgian weather just keeps reminder me.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

London 2012

For some strange reason, this weekend was all about London! My best friend and I finally decided to book our Eurostar-tickets so we can go see the Hirst-exhibition and now we can start with planning the rest of the day. Can't wait.

But for now,
the nicest images I can across to this today.
Prêt-à-Portea at the Berkley in honor of HRH

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clinique - BB Cream

Okay, I was going to wait with writing this post until I had made some decent before- and after-pictures so I could show you how amazing this product really is... 
But, as I can not stop talking about it - I decided to do it now anyway!

Practically all my friends on FB and Twitter have been spammed by me about Clinique's BB Cream, Age Defense SPF 30. 'Cause I am in LOVE! 

I love how my skin looks more toned, more healthy with a natural glow - even when I take it off in the evening, you see the effect. Never ever have I used foundations before during spring or summer, but this BB Cream is so light, it feels like I'm applying my daily dose of Moisture Surge

I'm almost through my BB-supply, and the last days I have been very careful applying it because I don't want it to run out. You'll have to wait just a few more days thus, before you can see the before and after but if you're curious, go ahead to my sister's blog and check out what Clinique BB has done for her

You can find Clinique's BB Cream exclusively on
I use shade 1, for very pale skin like mine. Perfect match!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Instagram // Nick Knight

I should be ashamed of myself. I - a former communication sciences-student of all people - only today installed the Instagram-app on my iPhone. And this while fashion extraordinaire, Nick Knight, is already using the tool for a fashion shoot. A very first.

I too want a baby kitten, by the way, to match my outfits.

Fashion Film // Cartier

Fashion films take up a whole new level. This isn't a creative director's fun hobby anymore. Not if you see Cartier's latest production that took two years to produce. 

Wish I could add this to my thesis. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fun At The Office

Only at our office is having a picture of Mr. Ford on your desk allowed...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clinique e-com

Again, this is starting to feel more as a beauty blog ... but hey, please just let me share my excitement!

Besides product info and tips & tricks, and now offer you (finally) the opportunity to order your favorite beauty products online!
The advantages:
- find and order your must-haves 24/7
- no fuss: your package delivered directly to your home (in 3 to 4 days)
- with every order you'll be able to choose mini-samples
- and ... the Clinique-web shop offers you exclusive products that you won't find anywhere else! Like starting from April 16th: Long Last Lipstick Coral, a shade created especially for the Karen Walker spring-show.

My latest addictions: 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smets & Bobbi Brown

Finally, I managed to head over to Smets! It seemed like the entire blogosphere had been talking non-stop about the concept store and it felt as if I was the only one in Belgium that hadn't been there yet - and this while our office is only 5 minutes down the road.

Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before? The store is amazing: beautifully decorated, a great selection of brands, huge store ... bliss! If I ever would open my own store, this is how it would look like; a dream one-stop-shop!

And did I mention there is a Bobbi Brown corner too! I could help myself and walked out with the best concealer. I had already had a Bobbi-make up consultation before and this indispensable beauty item was on my wish list ever since. Dark circles no more!

Make sure to check the Bobbi Brown site for handy how-to videos!

my make-up the day of the Bobbi Brown workshop

Next on my wish list: more Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners. Even after the longest hot showers, the eye liner is still there, so faithfully. 

Why I'm never buying a white bag again ...

I still love it though ...

white City-bag, 4 years old

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's been 8 months since I moved in here. And I still don't feel like my new home is my home yet. Something's missing and yes, we still have an old Ikea-dining table, and yes, I still have those ugly plain, I-ve-just-moved-in-kind of light bulbs. But even tough my walk-in closet-dream has become something more of a long-term plan, I thought I got that room pretty much covered and that it was more than okay.

Think again. 
When I saw the "add personality to your closet" article on Ella & Louise, I freaked! Those closets look amazing. And now I hate mine! 
I got bowls for president. And yes, I don't keep it in my closet (easy when you've got nothing more than plain racks) and yes, it's all light and airy - on non-rainy days that is. 
So what the hell am I doing wrong? 

Making your dressing a cosy place - Now that's a real issue. I'm crazy for minimalism and I don't want my room to look like a mess. Everything at our place is tucked away and hidden and white-white-white, it can't be but sterile. So, now I'm on a queste of finding a inspiring interior design-blog.... help...  or ... are there any interior designers out there who are willing to work pro deo? 

matching your outfits according to 'color': check!
 replaced 'bowls' with 'boxes': check!
not keeping it in my closet: check!

My closet tip for you; everyone is crazy about 'The Coveteur" nowadays, but Bluefly's Closet Confessions are pretty nice too! Favorite: Leandra Medine. Please, can we be best friends? 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say ...

I don't know any fashion crazy person that talks this way, but nevertheless, I love these videos!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster

Finally, I ordered my must-read books via! I wish I've done it a lot sooner, because boy, the book I'm reading right now blows my mind! It is the best fashion-related book I've ever read!

Deluxe reveals how the milti-billion dollar industry works and why they do what they do: why brands set up outlet stores,  why they display their it-bags at flagship store entrances, why some of them move their production to China, and why others don't...

I always thought that - as a 'communication scientist', who had more than a few marketing courses and studied some aspects of the fashion business up close - I knew pretty much all the essentials on the fashion business. Clearly, I didn't. This book is amazing. I can't put it down. Just two more chapters to go!

Up next: The End of Fashion - How Marketing Changed The Clothing Business Forever

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Don't take this personally ...

No offense, but I couldn't help but laughing when I passed the Abercrombie & Fitch-store in Brussels yesterday. This picture was taken around noon. At 10 AM, when I arrived at Chaussee de Waterloo*, the line was twice as long, running all in front of the BMW-garage.

Okay, I must admit, the brand has a very clever marketing strategy, especially if you can make people (read: 14-year olds with their mums) wait in line for an hour just to get some simple, everyday non-limited edition-H&M-meets-designer-brand style of clothes. But I think the clothes look terrible (aside from the fact that A&F is being printed on every single item) and are very, very, yes, very over-priced.

A friend of mine told me a few years ago that if I ever got the chance I should go check out the A&F-concept at he thought it was ridiculous. And so, one early morning**, when I was near their Fifth Ave.-store, I noticed that for once there wasn't a single soul waiting in line. I went inside, and I literally immediately walk out again. We were inside 3 min. tops! Most of the clothes (not my style) are inside the glass counters, the store was extremely dark and the music was so damn loud that I couldn't even stand the idea that I would actually take a walk around the store and even give this brand a fair chance. So, let it be said: A&F, thumbs up for your marketing team, but you'll never get me to enter your store again***! But don't let me stop you ...

NB: Why A&F doesn't work in Japan. #funny

*There goes the neighborhood
**NYC equals jetlags equals getting up way too early to go shopping
***Online shopping isn't an option either

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2012

Can someone please tell me when the collection will hit the stores?
Seeing this new Sofia Coppola-line makes me want the bag even more!

image via ELLE - December 2011-issue

Opposites Attract

Yes. I'm still alive and shopping.
Behold,  -as 2011 is almost over- the only two pairs of shoes I bought this entire year...

Isabel Marant Willow Sneakers from Seven (Knokke) and Chanel boots (Milan)
or according to my boyfriend: The snowboarding and Gestapo-boots

FYI: If you are looking for the IM-sneakers, hurry up. Still a 37 and 41 left at Seven (Knokke-Heist) -at least when I left this store last friday. More colors available soon, but be sure to call in advance to guard your spot on the waiting list. Graanmarkt 13 (Antwerp) carries them as well, but more waiting lists there. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Clinique Vending Machine

And eventhough my drawers at home are filled and filled and filled with Clinique products, this makes me wish I travelled more ... (credits go to for sending me the link)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tim Walker ft. Jo Malone

Once again, Tim, I'm in love ...

Jo Malone "Wild Bluebell" by Tim Walker

Friday, July 22, 2011

Moving in

Hello, temporary walk-in!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

La Fille d'O

I finally made it to Ghent. As my sister already revealed last week*, we headed over to the city since -as they say- "we were in desperate need for some 'O". My favorite la fille d'O-pieces were literally falling apart and we wanted to get our hands on some coveted pieces before they all sold out.

A few days before, I made up (read: drew up) my wish list (with the webshop as my guide), only to realize that two must-haves were no longer available in my size; No, wonders & faces will never be mine. But as my list is never a short one, I happily tried on naughty (bikini** top in s1 black) & nerve (bikini pants in s2 black). I already have both designs in about 3 different colors/fabrics, and as they are my all time favorite lfd'O-designs, deciding wasn't that hard at all. But I never leave Maison d'O with just one set of undergarments. After a lot of pondering and 'omg-i-want-them-all-i-can't-choose', I went ahead and got blue hotel, a lovely black mini-dress. I immediately fell in love with the supersoft fabric, those subtle see-through details and its lovely shape. I got so excited that I decided that 'no, I don't need another bra, I want to show off that dress' and -as my boyfriend predicted- I already wore it the next day for some (casual) family dinner parties.


But this doesn't mean there's nothing left on my wish list and I've got everything my little 'O-heart desires. I want must just get a few more things of what I tried on that day. Luckily, Murielle wrote down my sizes and thus, hurray for online stores!

Curious for more? Go visit the store in Ghent. It's well worth the trip over there, especially since Murielle 's tender love and care are a tremendous help! Her advice is priceless and I wish she had two more sets of hands so that she could design more must-haves and I could expand my all ready too large collection.

*= the bikini top my sister got, is amazing as well. I tried it on and it fitted like a glove! #shouldgetthisalso
**= note, I'm not fond of swimming, just wear them as regular lingerie

family dinner-outfit: chanel nechlace, lfd'O blue hotel, h&m cardigan
balenciaga bag & chanel ballerina flats

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer's Here

Picking cherries in his backyard.

smartphone quality picture
zara dress - chanel necklace - sonia rykiel sandals - Aveda hair color (done that day)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion Film - Chanel Cruise 2012

Yes, Karl made another one...

That white casino-dress (Louisa) is stunning by the way!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Isabel Marant

My many pairs all white Converse All Stars and Dior-sneakers bore me. I want new ones. These:

picture via Net-a-Porter

Okay, these Isabel Marants are not completely white, and the suede will only get dirtier and therefor darker. But these look amazing and have a build-in wedge that lengthen your legs. I want these. And I need $660.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bridal gowns

I'm pretty sure I don't want to get married - for obvious reasons I'm not going to discuss here. But yesterday, while taking my auntie that is visiting us from Italy on a city trip through Dusseldorf, I stumbled on one of the nicest dresses I had ever seen.

Usually, bridal gowns come across to me as being made out of relatively cheap god-knows what kind of fabrics. And more and more they seem to have the same oh so original designs: strapless top, wider long boring skirt. Or at least those of the brides who's wedding I attended. (Vera Wang or Elie Saab-designs are thus excluded from this). But then, all of a sudden at Apropos, in between T's by Alexander Wang and Louboutins, a white stunning dress caught my attention. It was the most beautiful wedding dress I had ever seen: yes, it was strapless, and it featured tulle just like many other dresses, but it looked like perfection, and for the next 5 minutes I repeated: 'K., if you get me a dress like this, okay, then I might just say yes'. Then I figured that white just isn't my color, and I would rather spend 3 000 euro on something else then a dress you just take out of your closet and stare at once and a while - 'cause no, I really don't want to get married, even if I get the dress. Sorry, mom, didn't mean to get your hopes up.

Now, when seeing the dress online on a model. No, it wasn't the perfect dress at all. It wasn't as 'short' as I thought it would be. And it's way too asymmetrical. But my god, I do love many many other dresses of the Kaviar Gauche Bridal Couture-collections. Brides to be, take notes, 'cause these are just amazing!

PS: No-one tops Givenchy Fall 2009 though. And regarding the Royal Wedding: Yes, the McQueen-design was gorgeous and suited for a princess but boy, I'm bet PPR is thrilled with their brand's dress being the talk of the town.