Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clinique e-com

Again, this is starting to feel more as a beauty blog ... but hey, please just let me share my excitement!

Besides product info and tips & tricks, clinique.be and clinique.nl now offer you (finally) the opportunity to order your favorite beauty products online!
The advantages:
- find and order your must-haves 24/7
- no fuss: your package delivered directly to your home (in 3 to 4 days)
- with every order you'll be able to choose mini-samples
- and ... the Clinique-web shop offers you exclusive products that you won't find anywhere else! Like starting from April 16th: Long Last Lipstick Coral, a shade created especially for the Karen Walker spring-show.

My latest addictions: 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smets & Bobbi Brown

Finally, I managed to head over to Smets! It seemed like the entire blogosphere had been talking non-stop about the concept store and it felt as if I was the only one in Belgium that hadn't been there yet - and this while our office is only 5 minutes down the road.

Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before? The store is amazing: beautifully decorated, a great selection of brands, huge store ... bliss! If I ever would open my own store, this is how it would look like; a dream one-stop-shop!

And did I mention there is a Bobbi Brown corner too! I could help myself and walked out with the best concealer. I had already had a Bobbi-make up consultation before and this indispensable beauty item was on my wish list ever since. Dark circles no more!

Make sure to check the Bobbi Brown site for handy how-to videos!

my make-up the day of the Bobbi Brown workshop

Next on my wish list: more Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners. Even after the longest hot showers, the eye liner is still there, so faithfully. 

Why I'm never buying a white bag again ...

I still love it though ...

white City-bag, 4 years old

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's been 8 months since I moved in here. And I still don't feel like my new home is my home yet. Something's missing and yes, we still have an old Ikea-dining table, and yes, I still have those ugly plain, I-ve-just-moved-in-kind of light bulbs. But even tough my walk-in closet-dream has become something more of a long-term plan, I thought I got that room pretty much covered and that it was more than okay.

Think again. 
When I saw the "add personality to your closet" article on Ella & Louise, I freaked! Those closets look amazing. And now I hate mine! 
I got bowls for president. And yes, I don't keep it in my closet (easy when you've got nothing more than plain racks) and yes, it's all light and airy - on non-rainy days that is. 
So what the hell am I doing wrong? 

Making your dressing a cosy place - Now that's a real issue. I'm crazy for minimalism and I don't want my room to look like a mess. Everything at our place is tucked away and hidden and white-white-white, it can't be but sterile. So, now I'm on a queste of finding a inspiring interior design-blog.... help...  or ... are there any interior designers out there who are willing to work pro deo? 

matching your outfits according to 'color': check!
 replaced 'bowls' with 'boxes': check!
not keeping it in my closet: check!

My closet tip for you; everyone is crazy about 'The Coveteur" nowadays, but Bluefly's Closet Confessions are pretty nice too! Favorite: Leandra Medine. Please, can we be best friends?