Sunday, April 3, 2011

Liège - April 77

No need to tell you how amazing the weather was yesterday. It was lovely to finally walk around barelegged in one of my favorite spring dresses. As it would have been a shame to pass the day inside, we decided to head out to Liège and spend the day wandering around the city.

It was so much fun: we visited my favorite store Irina Khä, had a nice lunch outside on one of the city's busy squares and we were about to head back to the parking lot via a different route when we stumbled upon a store I hadn't visited in 5 years. I even don't know what the store is called. All I know is that -as former Fornarina fans- my sister and I were regulars at this tiny store. At first I didn't want to enter the shop, as I definitely left that clothing style behind me, but I guess the 'Liquidation Totale'-sign lured me  in.

Now, I'm not that kind of person who'll just buy something just because it has a Sale-tag on it. But as soon as I saw that the soon-to-be-gone store carried April 77-jeans, it got pretty interesting. I found the skinny jeans all over the shop, in all colors and fabrics but none that suited my 'new style' (think: suited enough to wear to the office). And then, there they were: my all-time favorite velour silvery, skinny pair of April 77! The ones I wore 24/7 during spring/summer 2008! In my size! At half price (120 euro - 50%)! I immediately grabbed them to go and try them, wondering if they would still fit me since I hadn't worn the pair I have at home in ages, as they are to worn-down anyways and I'm too scared that they'll rip-apart in a very public place. But these, these were 'brand new' and they fit me all right. And as the belt-loop had come off, I got my all-time favorite pair at -75%! My parents often think I'm crazy, because I usually buy my favorite items twice, weary of the day that the fabrics give up and the shoes, the jacket, the shirt, whatever just falls apart, but this was a damn good deal!

So if you're a fan of April 77-jeans, make sure to visit the shop at the corner of Rue de l'Université and Rue de la Cathédrale, 'cause probably the next time I'm in town the shop will sell out!

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