Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's been 8 months since I moved in here. And I still don't feel like my new home is my home yet. Something's missing and yes, we still have an old Ikea-dining table, and yes, I still have those ugly plain, I-ve-just-moved-in-kind of light bulbs. But even tough my walk-in closet-dream has become something more of a long-term plan, I thought I got that room pretty much covered and that it was more than okay.

Think again. 
When I saw the "add personality to your closet" article on Ella & Louise, I freaked! Those closets look amazing. And now I hate mine! 
I got bowls for president. And yes, I don't keep it in my closet (easy when you've got nothing more than plain racks) and yes, it's all light and airy - on non-rainy days that is. 
So what the hell am I doing wrong? 

Making your dressing a cosy place - Now that's a real issue. I'm crazy for minimalism and I don't want my room to look like a mess. Everything at our place is tucked away and hidden and white-white-white, it can't be but sterile. So, now I'm on a queste of finding a inspiring interior design-blog.... help...  or ... are there any interior designers out there who are willing to work pro deo? 

matching your outfits according to 'color': check!
 replaced 'bowls' with 'boxes': check!
not keeping it in my closet: check!

My closet tip for you; everyone is crazy about 'The Coveteur" nowadays, but Bluefly's Closet Confessions are pretty nice too! Favorite: Leandra Medine. Please, can we be best friends? 

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  1. Hello Tiffany, can you do a blog post on the best things to do in your favourite Belgium city? Thanks!