Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown has the cutest samples;
just look at that tiny anti-age serum-bottle. I know some say that 24 is far too young to be using anti-age products but you have to start protecting your skin against fine lines and all, before the damage is done. Anywho, this serum feels incredibly light and soft on my skin, which is always a great plus. I hate greasy, thick products.

Last night I tried Bobbi Brown's make-up remover as well, and this product wears perfectly too! Last night, for a late dinner with my family, I wore a lot of sparkly eyeshadow by M*A*C (green smoke -lustre) and some eyeliner too, which can be a hassle to remove. But I had no difficulties doing that, thanks to this Bobbi Brown-product. Plus, it was gentle enough for me, as a contact lens wearer.

Bobbi Brown's

Today I'm wearing a liquid blush on my cheekbones, called Highlighter Pen by Bobbi Brown. What's so great about this blush, is that the sparkling elements are so tiny and subtle, that 'now you see it and now you don't', which is perfect for daily use. It actually is so sublte that I couldn't even capture the effect on camera, so I just had to photograph the container instead. This one is going into my handbag permanently.

By the way, if you're a fan of Bobbi Brown and love to get weekly tips on how to apply make-up, make sure to visit the brand's Facebook page regularly! 

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  1. That's so cute!

    ♥ Caramelle

    -Ik geef een kortingscode van €10 weg, kijk voor meer info. & de voorwaarden op mijn blog-