Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aveda Favorite

It's been a month now since I started working at Aveda, a premium hair and spa brand and part of the Estée Lauder family.

Ever since our NYC-trip, where we found Aveda-hair and body products in our hotel room, I've been a fan of its Shampure shampoo (amazing scent!) and the Smooth Infusion-line. And no need to say that the products are top quality and the great thing is that -by using Aveda- I'm actually contributing to a greener and nicer planet.

The past few weeks I got the opportunity to get a full Aveda-training, both hair as skinwise, and discovered even more amazing products. I'm currently using the Enbrightenment collection for my skin, to even my skin tone and I'm giving other hair products a go. And yes, I've got a new favorite!

I have really stubborn hair; always fluffy and wild. And during the Aveda Perfomance Hair-class I mentioned that I rarely use styling products because I don't like the feeling of greasy products in my hair. But then the Aveda-educator suggested that I should try the Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Back home I give it a try and my hair immediately was smoother and had a healthy shine, without looking greasy. Throughout the whole evening it successfully protected my hair against frizz. The next day, again, I added only one drop of the serum-like fluid and once again my hair looked and more importantly felt great! I'm thrilled! I'm always the one who says that I hate my hair, but I've got a feeling that's about to change...

Currently I'm coloring my hair too, with Aveda and I love it's natural color and shine ... And to keep the color as nice as the first days after the coloring, I've tried the Clove Color Conditioner, which is a brown conditioner, and it gave my hair a nice warm glow. Fan! Fan! Fan!

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  1. Het moet echt wel super zijn om bij Aveda te werken!