Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clinique - BB Cream

Okay, I was going to wait with writing this post until I had made some decent before- and after-pictures so I could show you how amazing this product really is... 
But, as I can not stop talking about it - I decided to do it now anyway!

Practically all my friends on FB and Twitter have been spammed by me about Clinique's BB Cream, Age Defense SPF 30. 'Cause I am in LOVE! 

I love how my skin looks more toned, more healthy with a natural glow - even when I take it off in the evening, you see the effect. Never ever have I used foundations before during spring or summer, but this BB Cream is so light, it feels like I'm applying my daily dose of Moisture Surge

I'm almost through my BB-supply, and the last days I have been very careful applying it because I don't want it to run out. You'll have to wait just a few more days thus, before you can see the before and after but if you're curious, go ahead to my sister's blog and check out what Clinique BB has done for her

You can find Clinique's BB Cream exclusively on
I use shade 1, for very pale skin like mine. Perfect match!

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