Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clinique Skin Care

The current weather conditions keep reminding me of how important and essential a good skin treatment is. And so, I finally got the chance to write a post about my daily routine, which -as I mentioned before- consists of using exclusively Clinique-products. Ever since I did my first internship at the brand's headquarters, my skin never looked better.

Although I am Italian, I have a very pale and sensitive skin type, so it's crucial that I use products fit my basic skin needs: sun protection and allergy tested. 

So this is how I start and end my day with; 

3 Step Skin Care
First I make sure to clean my skin properly. One of my favorite products is the Facial Soap-bar, since it makes my skin feel refreshed. At home I use the bar, yet since I travel so much back and forth to my dorm at university -I always leave the big bottles at home, and just refill the 'sample sized ones-, I always make sure to pack the liquid version. Next I exfoliate with the Clarifying Lotion. Even though I'm a skin type 2, when it comes to the exfoliator I use number 1 since it is more gentle for sensitive skins. Lastly, I moisturize with the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, which suits its name perfectly. 

Once a week I scrub my skin with the 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula, because it's really important to remove dead skin regularly. Sometimes I add to that a mask

Pore Minimizer Refining Lotion
Before I started my internship, I always believed that it was impossible for a cream to reduce pores. Yet, I decided to give the Pore Minimizer a try and this serum-like lotion really makes a world of difference! Plus it makes my skin feel incredibly soft. 

Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer
During my first internship at Clinique, I wrote a press release about the updated Superdefense-moisturizer. I really love its creamy texture and lightness, and I always take my jar with me in my carry-on luggage whenever I'm traveling, since it keeps my fairly dry skin hydrated at all times. More importantly, it helps your skin face everyday stress and pollution, which may cause your skin to age faster. But for me, the best feature of this products is that it protects my pale skin from the harmful rays of the sun (very very important for every skin type by the way)! I try to replace this product in the evening with Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer, but I usually end up using the Superdefense again. 

All About Eyes
Again, before I started my internship I didn't use an eye cream on a regular basis. But when Clinique's Education Manager pointed out that it is crucial to start reducing fine lines underneath your eyes before the actual damage is done -'yes, even when you're only 22 years old' she said-, I've been applying a layer of this pinkish gel every single day. Plus, it's a must during exhausting exams. As you can tell from the picture, I need to head over the store the get me a new large jar, asap. 

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
I wish I could bathe in this gel! Moisture Surge actually feels as it is featured in its ad campaign; like a splash of water across your face, when you apply it. 

My boyfriend regularly asks me where I find the patience to apply seven different skin care products, every single day and night. But actually it only takes up a few minutes. And even if it took me a full half hour to apply all these creams, gels and lotions I would still be doing this, since your skin is an important part of your immune system and I also would like to age beautiful ... I therefor use make-up products that are equally protective and good for my skin. And so: next up - My Clinique Beauty Routine... 

Part of my daily Clinique-routine - Click to enlarge


  1. Waw! Dat zijn een heleboel Clinique spulletjes! Goed artikel trouwens!

  2. amaaai zoVEEL clinique productjes! ze zien er allemaal top uit. Ik heb maar 2 producten ervan ofzo en ik ben er héél erg tevreden van.

    I'm doing a giveaway, maybe you want to enter?

  3. Ik zal ff hier antwoorden:

    Ik gebruik de exfoliating scrub en de skin calming moisture mask. En daarnaast gebruik ik nog maar net de youth surge night als nachtcrème. Voorlopig gebruik ik nog een dagcrème en oogcrème van louis widmer van bij de apotheker, maar ik wil ook wel overschakelen naar Clinique. Ik moet gewoon nog uitzoeken welke dagcrème van Clinique goed is voor mijn huid.

    Ik heb ook al ooit dat 3 stappen plan gebruikt, want dat gebruikt mijn mama maar aangezien ik een vette t-zone en droge wangen heb twijfel ik er over of dat wel iets voor mij is :)op sommige plaatsen in mijn gezicht had dat een goed effect op andere plaatsen minder en dan heb ik het vooral over die Dramatically different moisturizing lotion die voor mij ietsje minder werkte. Nu ja iedere huid is anders hé want voor mijn mama werkt die wel heel goed. Hoewel ik volgens de 'raadgeefster' in de ici paris hetzelfde huidtype heb als mijn mama.

    Die pore minimizer moet ik precies ook eens proberen!

    Van make up gebruik ik al enkele jaren de fond de teint van Clinique: teint equilibre parfait- kleur ivory. Ik gebruik nooit meer een andere :) En af en toe wanneer het nodig is gebruik ik ook nog de airbrush concealer.

    Je ziet, mijn verzameling clinique producten is zeker nog niet zo uitgebreid als die van jouw! Ik gebruik soms ook nog wel andere producten voor bvb. reiniging van de huid enzo maar clinique is toch één van de favorieten.

  4. Ik ben ook clinique verslaafd. Maar dan eerder van die 3 stappen dingen, love them!