Sunday, July 18, 2010

CD Sprint

Finally made it to the stores again. And this is the only thing I bought this sale-period. I've been wanting these shoes for six months now. I'm crazy for white sneakers, and the fact that these are all-leather is even better!

My sister got interviewed by I love her interview and answers. Too bad some of the comments below are quite childish. Nonetheless, I don't care. My sister always looks amazing!


  1. I don't know why you think that some comments at girlscene are childish, just because they aren't 100% positive about your sister's style.
    People have different tastes, so why is it childish when somebody think's that your sister's clothes aren't that great?
    I do like your sister's style (and your style too by the way), but I do understand that some people have different opinions, and I respect that.

    Nevertheless, I do like your blog and Krizia's blog, so I followed you both. =)

  2. I was refering to the comment that said that 'she is spoiled cause my parents buy her stuff'. My sister is anything but spoiled! She works very hard! And every extra my parents might give her, she deserves!

    I do get the fact that everyone has their own opinion when it comes to style.

    anywho, thank you for following my blog! :)

  3. Oh okay, die reactie zag ik dan net niet, maar ik dacht dus dat je het over kleding had, want je schreef: my sister always looks amazing! ^^ Vandaar.. =p But thank you for taking the time to answer!

  4. Lovely interview from your sis! you've got both great taste.


  5. Rotterdam shoppingtip: Alexandrium. Best grote winkelcentrum met o.a. Primark! Let op; drukte! maar bij de rest vh winkelcentrum valt het mee qua drukte. Ze hebben er wel leuke winkels!

  6. Nice shoes, congrats to your sister!