Thursday, July 1, 2010


As promised.

This is my daily make-up routine / everyday look:

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15 (in 0 Porcelain)
I love this liquid foundation since it matches my skin tone exactly, it keeps my skin from being shining at the end of the day and it feels incredibly light, al though it's 30°C outside now -note: normally I don't wear foundation in the summer, but I need the extra SPF to protect my skin.
(See: earlier post about this product)

Clinique Airbrush Concealer (in Neutral Fair)
I combine my foundation with this amazing concealer. It really opens up my eye and illuminates it. I can really tell when I'm not wearing it, so adding some concealer to the inner/top corner of my eye is a must.

Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 (in Fair)
To keep my skin from shining during the hottest part of the day, I always carry this mineral powder with me. It works great on my forehead, underneath my bangs. A great tip someone once told me: never put a powder underneath your eyes, since it will make the fine lines more visible and makes you look older.
Note: I used to use the Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder (in Invisible Matte) which is great too if you like a sheer and invisible foundation.

Every once and a while, I use a blusher. Favorites: Soft Pressed Powder Blusher (in Pink Blush) and Fresh Bloom Allover Color (in Peony). The one in the picture is Shimmering Stripes Powder Blusher (in Cabana Pink).

Clinique Cream Shaper For Eyes (in Black Diamond)
After I've created the perfect base, I add some eyeliner pencil on the base of my eyelids. I love the shimmer in this color and the fact that it's creamy, which is perfect in combination with my contacts.

M*A*C Fluidline (in Blacktrack)
I finish off with adding some eyeliner on my top eyelid. I'm crazy for this long wearing creamy product. It stays put a long time, much longer than a liquid eyeliner, in my opinion. I use the 208 Angled Brow Brush to apply it: easy as one, two, three... If I feel a bit more daring, I apply Clinique's Brush-On Cream Liner, in one of last year's top colors, purple.

Clinique High Impact Mascara
Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara
A great mascara to add volume is the High Impact Mascara. But when I don't have my eyelash curler with me, I use the High Impact Curling Mascara, one of my personal favorites! If you're a fan of small brushes, I would recommend the Lash Power Mascara Long Wearing Formula. Next up, I would like to try Clinique's new High Lengths Mascara.

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 (in Red-y to Wear)
I love the classic 50's red lips. But ever since I learned that your bottom lip is extra sensitive for the harmful rays of the sun, I always make sure to check if the lipstick features a protective SPF. That's way I love the High Impact Lip Colour, especially in Red-y to Wear. But I remember trying on every color of the line during my time at Clinique, and they have some great colors (e.g. Cider Berry)! My sister for example is a huge fan of the In a Nutshell-color. My mom and aunt both use the plum and nude-tones.
I also love and use: Colour Surge Bare Brillance in Tropical Punch.
Want: Long Last Lipstick in Red Hot. Different Lipstick in Angel Red.

Occasionally I use a lip gloss, for instance during cold and harsh winter days. So I've got another Clinique Favorite: Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine (in Playfull Plump). When I don't feel like a shiny gloss, I protect my lips with Superbalm Lip Treatment.

When it comes to nail polish, I don't use Clinique since they don't manufacture it (nail polish is not suitable for some people: allergies!). And I also use a lot of different colors in my eye shadow. My favorite brands are Clinique for the daytime looks, and they're also ophthalmologist tested for contact lenses. If I want a more bold look for a late night party, I opt for M*A*C's Eye Shadow in Black Tied or Swimming and Shadestick in Sharkskin.

By the way, if you're a big fan of beauty blogs make sure to check the Peaches Tells You-blog. I love Katerina's tutorials!


  1. Ik heb dezelfde kleur van Clinique Airbrush Concealer. Ik ga echt dat drie stappen plan nog eens proberen als ik wat minder krap bij kas zit :) want ik realiseer me ook meer en meer hoe belangrijk een goede huidverzorging is.
    Leuke posts trouwens!

  2. Great post!
    I'm using CLINIQUE product as well ;)
    They are the best!

  3. Hi Krizia & Tiffany,

    de intentie was er, maar helaas toch geen tijd gehad om de studio te verlaten en even binnen te springen. Het zal zijn als het boek uitkomt in MMV in oktober !

    xxx EMMA