Saturday, July 31, 2010

New dress. Need Advice.

Since my boyfriend's family is having a birthday party tonight, I decided today would be a good day to wear my new dress (just like this one, by Single Dress). I love it, because it is so dressy and chic, and somehow reminds me of Victoria Beckham.

Dress: Single Dress - Shoes: Christian Louboutin Ron Ron 100

Yet, there is one small problem; as you can tell from the picture the belt is partly golden. My favorite purse is my Chanel 2.55, with silver details, which kind of means I won't be able to wear the two together. I can remove the belt itself, but then you can spot the little strings/loops that are meant to keep the belt in place -luckily the belt stays put even if I don't put it through the holes so I could just cut the strings off and wear the golden belt when I do feel like it, but I'm scared I will ruin the dress if I do. Anyone got any tips on how I should best remove/cut those little strings?


  1. Knip gwn zo dicht mogelijk tegen het kleedje de letskes af, zou normaal geen probleem mogen zijn.

  2. let's start by saying: don't, every alteration is a potential risk, but of this you are aware I guess ;-). Are the loops themselves attached in that stitch (de naad), as in with the same wire that makes the stitch, or are they attached separately? If they are part of the stitch I'd just leave it alone, otherwise, try using the finest tip scissors you can find. When I remove labels from my tshirts or shirts or so, I always first make sure they have a different wire, and I try to cut that in the middle, then I proceed in gently tugging out the wire until I can remove the label. I've also done it when it was part of the stitch, by just cutting the label as close as I could to the wires, so that I could take out the big side normally, and then tug out the remainders from under it.

    But that's labels in a men's tshirt, not little loops in a little black dress :D So as I said, just leave it, they probably won't even notice.

  3. Hey Tiffany!

    Mooi kleedje! Staat je goed! In welke winkel koop jij Single Dress? Want ik was al ooit op hun website gaan kijken maar ik ben nog nooit een winkel tegengekomen die het verkocht.
    Hoe gaat het op je werk trouwens? Ik zie aan je facebook statussen dat je precies leuke dingen mag doen!


  4. Heel mooi kleedje!

  5. Merci voor de goede raad!
    Ik heb het er gewoon afgeknipt met een klein schaartje :)
    Zo dicht mogelijk bij de naad, en je ziet er helemaal niets van!!!
    en de riem kan ik nog steeds er op aan trekken, want die zakt helemaal niet af :)