Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aveda Make-up

At the end of this month, Aveda is relaunching its make-up line, paraben-free and as environmentally friendly as usual. And lucky me: I got the chance to take a peek at two of Aveda newest products and try them myself.

The new Nourish-Mint™ Lip Definer is a great solution to an omnipresent problem; getting your lipstick to stay put. Why is it different than a traditional lip liner then? First of all, it tastes minty, one of my favorite flavors, yet is subtle. I love the fact that your lips are well protected from the elements (hello fall.) and although the pencil has a creamy and rich texture, it's not as sticky as a gloss. But my favorite part is the sheer and transparent tint of the stick. So no need to buy separate lip definers for each lipstick you get. And since I'm totally addicted to the feel of this product, I'm even wearing it without any lipstick at all, nowadays.

But the newest Aveda-addition I'm really crazy about is the Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer, simply because it finally enables me get the exact color of eyeshadow as presented inside the little powder boxes. This is how it works: I just add one drop of the liquid to any eyeshadow and apply the fluid eyeshadow on the eyelid with the tiny brush. The great thing is that the color is super intense, perfect for an evening out. Plus, since the eyeshadow is no longer a powder and has been fixated, it will no longer run into the creases of your eyelid and fade away along the way. 

Below you'll find some proof. At the top I applied my favorite eyeshadow, M*A*C's Black Tied, as one normally would do. Below, I transformed the eyeshadow with Aveda's Color Options. 

As you can tell, the color of the eyeshadow has become much more deep and intense, and the sparkles are clearer and more visible. However, this is my favorite part: Below is an image I took a few hours later, and you can tell clearly that the transformed eyeshadow hasn't fade away as fast as the traditional one, which is an amazing asset when it comes to picking out the suitable make-up for a night out. 

Last night for a family dinner, I applied the eyeshadow as a liquid eyeliner and it lasted throughout the entire evening, as promised.  

If you care to know where you can find Aveda's new make-up line or the other Hair & Skin Aveda-products, just visit or and get in touch with your local Aveda-salon. 


  1. Lijkt me super fijn, die oogschaduw!

    ♥ caramelle

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