Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tiffany & Co.-Bags

During my morning ritual -trying to find a way to put on my T&Co.-bracelet without asking for help- I was thinking of the memorable store. And I suddenly thought of the classic eyewear the jeweler makes and if they retail it in their NYC-store as well, or only through opticians, in order to be omni-present and this at a lower rate...

And only yesterday, I came across this following article: Tiffany & Co will sell handbags as well, launching today. .

At first glance, the blue details is a nice and subtle way to identify and mark the bag. However, I can't help but wondering how this doesn't seem as a credible way to expand the brand. Sort of like clothing brands that launch their own watch-collection but only give manufacturers permission to use their logo and don't care about the mechanism inside the watch itself. So hopefully, this isn't the case in new product-line...

Eitherway, I had a look at the slideshow, and I must admit that the bags look too classic and maybe even dull to me. I don't think they look different enough from other handbag brands to make it to a true must-have/it-bag, or at least not for someone my age... What do you think?

By the way,
every time I hit a Tiffany-store and see what a tremendous line there is at the Sterling-department, I always start nagging to my boyfriend on how that line is a way for a high end brand to reach the crowds and to increase brand awareness. Think: Chanel-perfume/make-up/nailpolish-strategy: "Now everyone can be a Chanel-girl, and this just by buying the relatively cheap product"...  Now, have a look at this:

Still, roughly 90% of the luxury chain's sales remain in jewelry. The biggest share of Tiffany's total sales of $2.71 billion last year, 31%, came from its lowest-priced merchandise category—sterling silver jewelry with no gemstones and an average price of $200, according to the company's most recent annual report. Bridal jewelry, including diamond rings and wedding bands with an average price of $3,300, made up about a fifth of all sales.

Note to BF: I don't wear rings. Ever. 

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  1. Hah, ever :D

    Elk merk heeft dan gwn een manier van overleven é, het zou niet anders gaan tegenwoordig. En zilver is toch te mooi om te laten liggen in de winkel ^^