Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lily and the

If there is one girl I'm pretty jealous of at the moment, it must be Patricia! She's a fashion journalist for (think: gets to go to the coolest fashion parties ever), has an amazing wardrobe (YSL cage-sandals!) and recently moved to London (!) to study fashion communication (!!!). And to top all that, she's one of the funnest and nicest girls I know, so hating her is impossible.

So, when she told me that she and her mom would start their own web shop, I immediately knew that it would be a hit. The items they picked out for Lily and the Lady are too cute - check out my sister's wish list here - and the site looks and feels super professional yet very personal, since it provides a lot of info and feedback.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the cool pieces Lily and the Lady features - btw. I just placed my order for the Best Behavior-legging!- but make sure to explore the rest of the web shop. It's well worth it. Especially since Shark Attack-vistors will be rewarded with a 10 euro discount when placing a 50 euro-order. And, the rest of the month shipping will be free throughout the whole of Belgium!

Just enter this promotion code when adding your must-have item to the shopping bag:


Krizia explains on her blog how you do this.

Have fun and keep me posted on what you picked out for yourselves...
Oh and I want to wish both Patricia and her mom all the best with this great project! Well done!

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