Sunday, December 12, 2010

Clinique - Quick Eyes

The holidays are just two weeks away and I'm going mad over what to buy for whom. One thing I luckily don't have to 'worry' about anymore is what make-up I'll wear to those many parties.

I think 'glamour make-up' is the hardest kind, since those popular big black smokey eyes risk making you look a panda. And eye shadow always is something you have to take your time for, you don't just smear it on. Well, for a few weeks now I've found the perfect eye shadow which allows you to do just that. I got my hands on Clinique's Quick Eyes Cream Shadow. I think this product is very underrated and is easily overlooked when you're at your local parfumerie. It is an amazing eye shadow though, since it takes less than a minute to apply and you quickly get a nice, glamourous and finished look. Perfect I think for anyone who doesn't have the patience to apply eye shadow every morning before leaving for work at, let's say, 7 AM.

For a few weeks now, I've been faithfully applying this Sunlit Palm-olive-metallic green shade. I apply it very lightly on workdays and yesterday, for a birthday party I wore it more intensely, and a great plus, no touch-ups were needed during the whole evening! And since it has a creamy texture, it's perfect for contact lens wearers. As I said, perfect for a long NYE-party...


  1. Haha dat panda probleem heb ik ook altijd! Zo vervelend!
    Bedankt voor de tip! Ik weet al wat ik me ga aanschaffen voor de feestdagen :)

  2. Mooie kleur zeg! Leuke blog heb je ook! Ga je volgen!X