Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter Boots - pt2

Despite a severe headache and a cold, I forced myself outside today to clear the way. My cat won't go outside and is terrified of the snow you see. Only when I stepped outside in the snow, I realized how much it has snowed in my hometown the last few days. I'm so happy I bought some winter boots last weekend, 'cause neither my All Stars nor my Dior Sprint'ers, my only two pairs of flat shoes, would have survived the week.

Anyhow, may all of you be safely inside now, with a hot cup of cocoa. Happy holidays.


  1. Echt vreselijk, die sneeuw!
    Een beetje is nog ok, maar dit gaat erover :P
    Merry xmas! xx

  2. het zien er alvast lekker warme, fluffy boots uit! Prettig kerstfeest! xoxo Sarah