Friday, December 24, 2010

Wishlist - Bobbi Brown Book

I know there is no chance that I'll find this item under our Christmas tree tonight, since no-one in my family, nor my boyfriend for that matter, knows that this book exists. But I really would love to have a copy of Bobbi Brown's Beauty Rules-book. And the Makeup Manual-book too.

At work, I got a sneak peak of what the books are all about and they are perfect for everyone, not just for make-up fanatics. I'm a huge fan of Bobbi Brown's foundations and since she has the best make-up tips and tricks, I'm pretty sure that this book is a must!

Be sure to check out Bobbi Brown's Learn-page before doing your make-up for your Christmas party tonight!

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I recently got the Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 in 0 Porcelain and this superrich foundation is perfect for harsh weather conditions. Some foundation make cause your skin to dry out, especially during the winter but the Moisture Rich Foundation is the absolute best! My skin feels hydrated and soft, and looks flawless the whole day through. Belgium really needs its own Bobbi Brown-store asap.

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