Sunday, January 30, 2011

iPhone Case

Wanted: a nice, leather iPhone-case.
Yesterday we spent the day shopping in Dusseldorf (great shopping city by the way: Chanel, Tiffany's ... ) and I decided to start looking for a protective case for my phone, since it bothers me that I can't put my keys in the same pocket as my phone 'cause it would scratch it. So it's either a new bag with more pockets in it or a case. Finding a bag I like usually isn't the problem but since I already have too many, I decided to go for the latter. Problem is that the only ones I could find, are too -let's say it like it is- ugly.

First stop, the Louis Vuitton-store at Köningsallee. And since I'm not a huge fan of the classic monogram or the damier graphite buying a 180 euro case wasn't an option.
(Source: Louis Vuitton)

Next stop was Gucci, but those were just horrible! See for yourself.
(Source: Gucci)

While my sister was looking for some new shoes, I asked the sales assistant at Prada's if he could help me out. He said all of the iPhone-cases were sold out but gave me brochure so I could see what they were like. Maybe I'm too picky but these are just plain boring. Why can't Prada make an iPhone-case that matches my credit card holder
(Source: Prada)

And so my phone is still without a cover and I'm in need of your help! Do you know where I can find a cool one? 


  1. Ik had er eens leuke van Marc by Marc Jacobs gezien, maar ik denk niet dat die van leder was.

  2. I use to live in Düsseldorf, just an amazing city! x

  3. Hmm, inderdaad redelijk saai.
    Op Net-a-porter heb ik die Marc by Marc Jacobs gezien (silicoon), maar ook lederen van Jimmy Choo en Bottega Veneta:
    Zeker eens een kijkje nemen dus!
    x Judith