Sunday, January 16, 2011

Clinique - New Clarifying Lotion

Of course when I meet up with my girlfriends, we often discuss our favorite beauty products. And although most of them use the best skincare products in the world, it surprises me that, when I ask them what they are using to exfoliate their skin, they usually answer 'nothing'. 

Exfoliating your skin is crucial. It removes dead skin cells, which will give you a more radiant look, while clearing your pores. Furthermore, it helps the moisturizers and other products you use afterwards to be more effective since they can treat your skin more thoroughly without having dead skin cells literally blocking their way. And a great plus is that exfoliating helps speeding up the renewal of cells, which makes your skin look younger and brighter. 

My favorite exfoliator by far is Clinique's Clarifying Lotion, which I use twice a day. Since I need mild treatments for my sensitive skin, Clarifying Lotion 1 works wonders for me. I love the fresh feeling it leaves on my skin when sweeping this water-like product on a cotton pad over my face. And now, this Clinique classic has been updated. As from today you'll find the new Clarifying Lotions in store, which help clearing your skin from everyday pollution, stress and a hectic lifestyle. In brief, it has the same benefits as the previous formula but will protect your skin even more from external influences.

All of my other beauty favorites I can do a day without, but when it comes to the Clarifying Lotion, I can really tell by the appearance of my skin when I skipped a day. And so I always have a backup bottle just in case, but then again that goes for the entire 3 Step Skin Care

A tip I usually give my girl friends: I know that great beauty products can be expensive, and even more so when you can't immediately find the ones that work for you. Of course getting the right advice from your sales assistant is essential but a good way to give Clinique a fair try without splurging, are the Introductory Kits. You can find 3 Step-sets, which includes the Facial Soap, the new Clarifying Lotion and the DDML, for about 30 euro. And trust me, they go a long way. 


  1. Die gebruik ik ook! echt de beste.

    x Je suis Sophie

  2. Wat een leuke verpakking, ik was stiekem al benieuwd naar 'the story' maar het blijkt eenvoudig te zijn :)