Saturday, November 20, 2010

When using skin products, it is truely important to use the right treatments for your skin. You can buy the best products in quality -or price- but if the make-up or the skincare products don't match your skin, it won't be worth a thing. So getting the right advice, regarding which product to use or what fits your skin type is crucial!

And that's what Clinique's Live Chat is all about.
On Tuesday the 23rd of November from 4 to 7pm, you can talk online with Clinique's most renowned experts in skincare and beauty. Just visit and you'll get advice made to measure from the lovely girls that taught me everything I know about given your skin the treatment it deserves!

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  1. I love Clinique skin products, I use them as well! x Sarah

  2. I like Clinique but no the smell of their products x