Sunday, November 28, 2010

Zara - Cape

Okay, so I didn't freeze to death the past few days. I just lack patience in general to be ordering online and waiting around for my package to arrive. (The box came all the way from Madrid, btw.)

So given that impatience, I just had to wear my brand new cape already the next day. And I must admit, I'm already addicted to this warm and comfy woolen piece, 'cause I barely took it off yesterday. But, to avoid looking like some huge batman-fan, I decided for myself that a few rules apply when wearing the cape -probably for me to break in a few weeks time:
- Under no circumstances should this cape be worn without heels.
- Preferably, wear with tights or a legging in stead of a pair of jeans.
- Find yourself a nice black woolen sweater to wear underneath 'cause putting on two jackets in mid-fall is a little too much...

By the way, did I mention I'm crazy for anything with a cape?

Worn with my black short Burberry-trench, my Louis Vuitton-scarf, a Zara-legging, Ash-booties and my caviar 2.55-purse. 

NB: Seeing these pictures taken at an apple plantation, for some reason the Givenchy-ad pops to mind.  


  1. Mooie look!
    Ik denk dat ik je gisteren van ver in Hasselt heb zien lopen :)... Kan dat?


  2. Super outfit!