Friday, June 25, 2010

Tiffany & Co.

I'm loving this warm weather. The temperature is just right, perfect conditions to wear all of my favorite dresses that were too hot for me to wear in humid NYC.

Too bad it still is too warm outside to be wearing a tight pair of jeans, which means I won't be wearing my new favorite Topshop-pair I showed to you earlier. One NYC-souvernir I've been wearing all the time since I got back is my new Tiffany & Co.-charm. I bought it so I could update my Return to Tiffany & Co.-heart bracelet. I got the piece 4 years ago but I hadn't worn it for a while, because I thought it was too 'sweet'. So I got this large and quite heavy Return to Tiffany-charm to give it a extra bit of cool. I love the Return To-line, not because it has the company's name on it, but simply because it has my name on it. When the sales assistant at the shop saw my name on my credit card, we were joking that I will never have to engrave any of my Tiffany-jewelry. My only concern is that in time, the bracelet will ruin and scratch my watch heavily, but I hate wearing jewelry on my other wrist. Maybe I'll just hang the charm on my Tiffany Key-necklace.

This weekend I'm heading to Lille in France, and on the way over we're stopping in Brussels so I will definitely visit the Tiffany & Co.-shop again this Saturday. If I didn't think the charm itself is too plain, maybe I would get the Class of '10-charm, since I will be graduating from university next weekend. I'm looking forward to that, big time!


  1. Leuke foto's van NY!
    I love love love your tiffany bracelet!!

    Petra x

  2. I love tiffany!!
    I have a Tiffany necklace. :)

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  3. Very cute bracelet!
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3