Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fashion Books - Wishlist

    Today is a gorgeous day, since the sun is shining brightly. 
    Unfortunately, I'm still stuck inside studying film history; the studio system, Orson Welles, German expressionism, French Realism, Spanish Surrealism and Italian Realism... 

The reality is however that, although I'm very much interested in the subject, I would rather be out in the sun, enjoying a good book without worrying 'Is this going to be a question on the exam?'

A while back I said I wanted the book on Alexander McQueen. Well, I've found some new interesting items to add to my book wish list  -I made my boyfriend promise that when we'll buy our future house, one entire room needs to be decorated as a walk-in-closet and little library. 

This is what I'm planning to get when I head over to the States. 

SImply because it looks like a great book for any communication sciences-student. Plus, as I mentioned before, Fairchild-books are amazing! 

Again, I'm very much interested in marketing. Sometimes it seems like people just believe that a person creates something, and then magically it appears in the stores. My internships have taught me otherwise. And since I'm not only fascinated by the garments designed by the fashion houses but also by its industry, I'm very excited to read this one. 

A few years ago, I wrote an essay for school on haute couture, ready-to-wear and mass-produced garments. I remember using an article on Dana Thomas' book, which focusses on accessible luxury ("an oxymoron" as she described it), mass-consumption and counterfeiting. 

I'm getting this one for my sister, since she's looking forward to the movie. Plus, my grandmother's niece worked for the family, so maybe she's featured in the book/movie as well. Maybe, during our monthly calls, we need to ask her if she's read it ... Furthermore, it apparently mentions Tom Ford's rise and Gucci being caught in the middle of PPR and LVMH. 

So, what's on your 'Fashion Books-Wishlist or Must-read list'? 

In the meantime, I'm back to my non-fashion related courses... 

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  1. Ik wil de helft van Amazon hebben :)
    Olivier Theyskens, Galliano, Tim Walker & McQueen boeken staan momenteel bovenaan mijn lijstje ^^