Monday, April 26, 2010

Bobbi Brown

Every spring, my boyfriend's family spends a weekend abroad and this year we all visited Den Haag, the political capital of The Netherlands. And like every year, my boyfriend and I fill one whole day with shopping. One department store I always visit when I'm in The Netherlands is De Bijenkorf, which has an amazing beauty department.

I finally got the chance to discover another great Estée Lauder Cosmetics' brand, Bobbi Brown. Since I needed a new foundation, I tried Bobbi Brown's Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15. And I must say I'm thrilled! Not only does it come in fairly pale shades, which suit my skin tone perfectly, immediately when you put it on your skin, the fresh and smooth feeling of the foundation gets through. Plus it protects my skin against the harmful rays of the sun, which came in handy the rest of the weekend.

I walked out with the '0 - Porcelain' shade and I can't stop bragging about the product. It's a keeper.


  1. Michelle BuchmannMay 2, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    Bobbi is amazing! I have so much of the collection!! So sad that you can't buy it in Belgium!

  2. I haaaave:
    the Lip Liner: shade Plum
    The Foundation Stick, Moisture Rich Foundation and the Creamy Concealer, all in shade Sand (also perfectly my tone!)
    And the Vitamin Enriched Face Base (it smells soooo good)
    and the Eye Makeup Remover (but i wanted the Instant Long Wear Makeup Remover, stupid lady @ Harrods)