Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Christian Louboutin

One of my favorite fashion related sites is, so I check it on a daily basis. However, I had no idea that today their Christian Louboutin-film premiered, featuring the french designer himself. How I wish I could dance like that in my high heeled pair of Louboutin-shoes. They're comfortable alright, but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't try to do a little dance routine myself.

My Ron Ron's, only 10 cm high but killer heels for sure, in every sence of the word...


  1. great video! and love your louboutin's- a classic!

  2. Wish I could wear heels..I would´ve def. had a lot of Loubs!

  3. Great shoes, so jealous!

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  4. Waaooww en shiny!! Jaloers! ;)

  5. just posted this video, too. it's so beautiful. LOVE your shoes, awesome!