Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Proenza Schouler

I'm just sitting here, in my faculty's media center, waiting for my next class (Film History) to start. Only a few minutes ago I was visiting the promotor of my thesis to update him on the research I've been doing during the last week. So far so good, since I've finished the greatest part of my thesis, analyzed the movies I needed to see quite a few times and now the only thing left to do is to just write the results down. I already made a mental map out of what should be included or mentioned, and discussed it with my promotor and the thinks it's very good. And luckily our Easter break is coming up, so I'll be able to work really hard without any distractions, so that - hopefully- I'll be done by the end of those two weeks. By then I'll still have about 4 weeks to do the lay-out and bibliography of the piece. So thinks are looking good, I'm pleased.

Anyhow, this weekend there's a wedding my family and I have to attend and I'm still wondering what I should wear. I hate that grey, cold and dull weather outside, since it won't be cold enough for a layered look, nor will it be warm enough for a great spring dress. My mother suggested I wear my Proenza Schouler-dress.

Since the day I saw that look on the Runway a few years ago, I've been totally obsessed by it and the brand. And then a year later I spotted it! The purple one I always wanted! At a sale! In my size too! At first I said I was just going to try it on for the fun, to see how it looks... I should have known that I was going to buy it as soon as I saw how nice that floaty fabric looks, and how well purple works for me, and how versatile the dress is, and how it is fit for work or a party and what an investment it would be... you know, my usual excuses. In the store I wore a purple Givenchy belt with it, and stupid me, I didn't buy the belt since I was going to be spending enough money as it is. So I got the dress, only to find myself a week later in the store again, and this time to get me that Givenchy belt. Unfortunately someone else beat me and the belt was no more. So after a long and extensive search I found a blue Furla belt that goes perfectly with it, so now I'm all set...

The only thing is that I don't want to wear it to the wedding! It will be a walking dinner/party and I'm sure I'll mess the dress up. Or someone else will trip and pore wine all over me. Or some other dumb thing that always happens to your favorite outfits! So for now, no Proenza Schouler, and I'll keep it safely in its dust bag. Just were I left it, the day after I got it.

Number of times I stated that this is my favorite dress of all time: probably around a 1000 times by now
Number of times I actually wore it: zero.

Got to run to class now!


  1. :D !
    Hey je moet dan zeker eens de 'The day BEFORE' dvd box kopen! 4 dvd's

    Sonia Rykiel
    Jean Paul Gaultier
    Fendi (Karl L)

    iedere keer 36h net voor de show, echt leuk om zien!!
    Gekocht in Colette voor 38 euries..

    kiss kiss

    ow ja enneuh, gotta LOVE the dress ;)

  2. haha I know the feeling.. alleen heb ik het bij alles waar ik helemaal verliefd op ben, inclusief een vintage jurk die ik voor nog geen 30 dollar had gekocht destijds.. nul keer gedragen omdat hij te mooi is! haha.