Monday, March 1, 2010


I was wondering; Has anyone seen Tom Ford's movie yet? I wanted to see this film so badly, not only just because I have a thesis to write. But the day before the movie premiered in Belgium, I found out they are not showing it in the theaters near me. Such a shame.

Some more bad news: The boy-cot against Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is still up, here in Belgium.


  1. grazie del commento,mi piace il tuo blog :)

  2. I want to see this film so badly too! I'm so busy and it's stopped showing here, i think it was fully booked every night!

  3. i haven't seen it yet but i have heard it is really wonderful. this boycott thing is seriously annoying. some of the cinemas (the biggest one) is saying they are going to boycott it too... i really want to see it. xx

  4. I just found out that all theaters in Belgium WILL show the movie
    they reached an agreement with Disney


    I'm so relieved

    So maybe, it will work out over there as well? Hope so :)