Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Milan Fashion Week

I am not a fan of brown. The color just doesn't suit me. But I did however, just fell in love with Gucci's latest collection. The girls look so tailored and elegant. Fits in perfectly with the brands heritage. I can't wait till these clothes hit the stores, I'm sure I will be crying my eyes out, since brown just does not suit me/my skin tone...

My parents have always adored Italian fashion labels, so when my sister and I were younger we would always wear some very cool brands. I remember wearing some Versus-items, the second line of Versace, that was cancelled earlier. But now it has made a comeback, thanks to Christopher Kane. And what a comeback. Although I'm not a little girl anymore, I still go crazy when I see ballet-inspired skirts. Oh and purple/blue/red/black do go with my skin tone...



  1. I can still remember the dotted Moschino-dress I ripped apart at your birthday party.
    Mom wasn't amused. =)

    x Krizia

  2. but then again,
    you were ripping things up constantly. :p

    herinnert ge u nog toen ge dat briefke van 100 frank scheurde en door het raam van de auto smeet? :p
    Oma had u dat gegeven om u bezig te houden terwijl we onderweg waren naar Genk :p
    you must have been 4 or 5.


  3. Haha, was dat niet 1000 frank?
    I don't like the colour, bye bye! :p