Monday, January 4, 2010

Armani'can Gigolo

My dad already is a great help in finding valuable sources for my Fashion/Film-thesis, since he found me an important article on the subject. The piece primarily focusses on Anna Wintour, and her direct and indirect influence on films and Hollywood. The September Issue is only one example.

In that documentary creative director Grace Coddington states that fashion has become entertainment, which will probably support the outcome of my hypothesis. Film and fashion go hand in hand since the beginning of the 20th century and this synergy has worked out for many designers, such as Hubert de Givenchy who collaborated intensively with Audrey Hepburn for various projects. Another designer that had the best of both worlds is Giorgio Armani.

The article compares him with Wintour. She was the first to put Hollywood stars on the cover, while Armani was the first to dress them up for red carpet-events. In my first chapter however, I mention him as a costume designer for numerous films such as Miami Vice and the gangsters in The Untouchables. Armani's relationship with film is most prominent -in my opinion- in American Gigolo. The opening shot of the movie says it all: Richard Gere goes out for the perfect date-outfit.

Below, you'll find the trailer of this 80's movie.
That voice-over is hilarious.

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