Monday, January 4, 2010


Maison Chaplin posted a message the other day that Dior recently opened their first watches/jewelry store in Geneva. And if you check their latest collections on the Dior Fine Jewelry-website, you'll probably be dying to see the store's windows and what's inside them.

The blog post by Maison Chaplin, inspired me to pull out an old Dior necklace of ours and hopefully wear it more often. I got it a couple of years ago at Loja Das Meias, a very nice multi-brand store in Lisbon. I think such a fun and floral accessory will give any serious, all-black outfit an extra touch. No idea what kind of material or series this particular necklace is, but if I remember properly, it didn't cost that much. So, if you spot any -online e.g.-, please get back to me.

Edit: Yes, Sis', I do am jealous of your new Burberry trench!

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  1. Wat schattig :) Geeft me direct een lentegevoel, zelfs ondanks de sneeuw.