Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chanel Couture

Oh my. I just came across these highlights pictures of the Chanel couture show: Amazing, even if I am not a fan of pastel and peachy colors (on me that is). I am crazy about silver though!

The Telegraph puts my first thoughts into words: "There was not a Little Black Dress to be seen – and this from the house founded by “Coco” Chanel who invented the LBD, nearly 100 years ago."
All those lush silver embroideries remind me of 17th century fashion. Karl Lagerfeld himself -too- described the collection as 'neon-baroque'. The Haute Couture team must have had there hands full with this one. One can only admire their work, and the house of Chanel.

I love those big two-toned hairdo's btw.

Photo: Imaxtree

Check out Lagerfeld's matching gloves and tie!

Oh, and Suzy Menkes is right on Dior's Couture line, in my opinion. But it is Haute Couture, and therefor pre-1950 by definition maybe? (Since ready-to-wear and standardization took over at that time) Anyhow, I don't mind, I'ld love any full crinoline'sque skirt any day.

Note to self: Time for a change, stop your constant blogging on Dior and Chanel.

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