Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When I saw the video of Balenciaga's last fashion show, I immediately fell in love with: 1. that first hoodie-look down the runway, 2. the hidden, subtle neon fabric in the pleats and 3. the neon make-up. I could not remember the zipper/stripped mini-dresses, until I saw the new ad campaign, which is remarkable composition wise. However, it will have to grow on me, since I'm still more obsessed with the other items in the show.

More Steven Meisel-pictures please, marketing team!


  1. Ghesquière is amazing! de botjes zijn prachtig en het eerste silhouet is idd heel mooi met die kap enzo en lederen pants!

  2. Hoodies?? yay, echt iets voor mij :D
    het neon is ook fantastisch. He did it again

  3. Holland! Hntm's patricia en nog een paar. Aparte foto's! xx