Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dior Film

I have posted many Chanel short films, when I started this blog. But I actually prefer the Dior one, since it was very professionally done and reminded me of a film noir. Last year, Dior launched a series of extra-long commercials, starring Marion Cotillard and off course many luxurious items of the French couture house, such as the Lady Dior -since that's the bag the saga is about. (no subtle product placement here, but who cares...)

Rumor goes that David Lynch will be directing the second chapter called The Lady Rouge. Again a great example of how film and fashion interact, creatively as well as commercially. And once again, great thesis-material. I can't wait to study the sequel for my upcoming chapters.

So here is part one, if you missed it by any chance last year.

Oh and I demand Marion's strappy heels.

PS: On January 14th, the first Dior music video will premiere. The
song called Lady Rouge -off course!- is written by Franz Ferdinand
and Nine-star Marion C.will be singing it. (WWD)
Can't wait.

Update: Galliano on Lady Noire.

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