Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesterday I took a break from studying, so that my boyfriend and I could enjoy ourselves in the snow. Over the past couple of days, it has snowed tremendously, so I layered up my outfit with extra stockings underneath my leggings and some ear-warmers. Besides a woolen scarf, I added an old fur collar/scarf* -from another jacket- to my Burberry trench coat. Not only is such an item extra warm, it also gives a 'plain' coat a luxurious touch.

Today, I was browsing the Burberry-website -as I do quite regularly- when I came across this double breasted long trench with a fur collar. I believe that the scarf I wore is equally fluffy and long -I tucked it into my coat to keep me warmer. And so, I apparently own 2 versions of the same trench, without spending the extra money.

* = When I say fur, I mean that I'm still not quite sure if it's real or not. I most certainly hope not, and I have no idea how such an item would find itself in a house where my sister talks about animal rights 24/7. The Burberry-collar on the other hand, is definitely real.

I want one: Buberry meets Colette, check out the studded collar!

Oh, and I finally got the chance to hit the stores during the sales. My dad took my sister and I shopping before we went out to dinner, and bought me this grey T-shirt, which has a silvery shimmering effect. Al tough this Rue Blanche-shirt -a store I actually entered for the second time ever- is quite basic, it has a rock 'n roll-effect to it. So I'll probably be wearing it all the time from now on.

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