Sunday, January 3, 2010


The other day we all went to the movies to see Cameron's Avatar, when my sister spotted the poster of Alice In Wonderland! And off course we had to take a sneaky picture. The quality of the photograph is low, due to the poor lighting at the cinema complex, I know, but I just had to share this.
I have pictures of all four posters, but their quality is even worse, so I checked and you can find the Mad Hatter-versions there.

In case you are wondering how Avatar was, well, you shouldn't go see it for the interesting story, since it lacks just that. However, thumbs up to the special effects/graphics team. The world of Pandora looked magical, even though little 3D effects were incorporated -in my opinion. The whole scenery reminded me of one of my favorite platform games of all time: Rayman.

Rayman fragment vs. shot of Pandora
Anyhow, enough about video games. Tomorrow I'm finally starting to
study my Costume and Fashion course, and I'm pretty sure that with
every page I turn, I'll have plenty of material to put up a new post here.
I'm excited.


  1. Kan niet wachten tot Alice in de cinema's komt!!

  2. love the alice in wonderland poster! so cute
    and great blog:)

  3. happy new year! thanks for the comment - my cousins actually live in brussels...such a inspiring city!



  4. De foto's van Alice In Wonderland zien er alvast veelbelovend uit. 't Kan gewoon niet slecht zijn als Tim Burton erbij betrokken is.

    PS: Hier bevindt zich ook zo'n Raymanliefhebster. ;)

  5. I'm so excited to watch this movie!! And your gold dress in your previous post is absolutely amazing!

  6. I wanted to watch AVATAR this weekend but I don't know...