Monday, May 10, 2010

Film and Fashion: Coco Chanel

Apparently I've missed this film, 'cause I had no idea this movie was released in Belgium back in January... Has anyone seen the film yet? And is it any good? I've heard that it's somewhat slow? But from what I can tell from the trailer, the mise-en-scène is beautiful, as well as the costumes the main character is wearing... 

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

I told you many times about Lagerfeld's short films for Chanel, but did you know that Gabrielle Chanel worked for Hollywood? Sam Goldwyn 
offered her one million dollars to design for MGM in 1931. But after a 
year she left the industry since she supposedly didn't get along with 
Gloria Swanson, whom she dressed in Tonight or Never. Bruzzi 
states that "Chanel was inflexible when asked to tailor her style to 
the needs of the film or to divest her costumes of the understated 
chic which had become her couture trademark" (1997, p. 3).

Btw. Bruzzi's Undressing Cinema-book is a must read for anyone who 
is interested in film and fashion! It helped me out for my thesis a lot.
Check out Google Books...

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  1. Other interesting books: "In a glamorous fashion" by Robert La Vine, "Fashioning film stars"by Rachel Mosely , "Costume design in the movies" by Elizabeth Leese and "Fashion in Film" by Engelmeier. In fact, I think "Undressing Cinema"is the one book I do not own :p