Monday, May 17, 2010

Sex and the City - Product Placement

I know you probably expect me to upload the rest of The Sartorialist-pictures, but I want to take my time to write the post since it has been such an overwhelming day. Anywho, If you care to see the pictures, you can always check my sister's blog, she's made a nice review of our day...

Just a moment after I decided to head off to bed, I came across this article and I am shocked! Remember how I tried to count the number of product placement / signature designer outfits in the Sex and The City 1? Well, the article basically says that tomorrow a 'style guide' (500 pages!) will be released for fans who want to obtain the SATC-look, and off course all of the outfits will be credited...

I had a feeling that the sequel would be more of a long commercial than a real story, but this time the product placement and tie-in team is really pushing it... And it's getting on my nerves actually. In my thesis I say that fashion films offer the designers a great platform to place their designs in an unobtrusive and natural way in a story... but Sex and The City has lost just that! The film, not even in theaters yet, already feels forced and unnatural.

Such a shame.

Anywho, I'm I the only one who feels this way?
This I do know: I am going to mention this on the presentation of my thesis to the jury! Curious to find out what my promotor thinks about my opinion on this evolution...

Pictures we took in NYC during the shooting of SATC2.

-What seemed to be- carefully picked out Burberry and Henri Bendel bags as product placement! 

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