Sunday, May 30, 2010

Style: Caroline S.

A while back the last of my favorite pairs of blue jeans ripped, in places a pair of jeans never should be ripped. I've found myself forced in wearing my summer dresses and skirts, despite of the sometimes dreadful weather.

And ever since I've posted the first picture of her on my blog, I try to keep Caroline Sieber-style in mind when I'm accessorizing my outfits. The style of Chanel Ambassador and stylist is always immaculate and dressy.

(Source: Jak & Jill)
(photo via The Fashion Spot: GettyImages)

If I could own her wardrobe and dress up like her all the time, I wouldn't miss my blue jeans for sure...


  1. Hoe leuk is een chanel-ambassadrice zijn!

  2. my gosh she's stunning!
    great chic style.

  3. love her!!!
    you might like my new post of videos from LV and Dior for inspiration!


  4. She has such a timeless look, and yet its always fresh and modern. Great post!