Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alexander McQueen's Future

A few months ago, PPR stated that it would continue the Alexander McQueen-brand, so immediately everyone started speculating who would be named as the label's next creative director, and even if he ever could be replaced at all...

Today, word got out about his follow up; Sarah Burton, assistant to the designer, will be in charge of the brand. She already was put to the test when she had to finish off the fall 2010-collection, right after the sudden death of Alexander Lee McQueen. Plus, she has the experience since she has been working for the label for 16 years.

Hopes are high. And I am quite curious on what the next McQueen collection will look like.

What do you think; Can one create a whole new collection, stay true to the legacy of the house and give it their own twist? Or will it be practically a copy of what McQueen was doing the last few seasons?

Whatever the outcome, I think she's facing a huge challenge...

(picture: David Burton / Source: Vogue UK)


  1. Ik denk dat dit het best mogelijke oplossing is. Als ze er 16jaar werkt, dan weet ze wel beter dan de rest hoe het bedrijf in elkaar zit.
    Hopelijk zal alles goed gaan.

  2. She's a great choice to replace him
    I think she would know him and his work best :)

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