Friday, May 7, 2010


I remember, when going shopping with my grandma when I was a little girl, she always visited the 1.2.3-store. But when my sister and I came across the stand of the shop at the Oona-press days, we were shocked! No longer is it a brand for 'the older ladies', cause we fell in love with some great pieces... we couldn't believe the transformation of the brand, but we are thrilled with our re-discovery!

As some of you know model  Eva Herzigova is the face of the brand but she designed some pieces too.
Eitherway, the 'non-model' collection of the brand surprised us as well

Here are some of our favorite pieces and I can't wait until they hit the stores...
I loved the 1910-1920 inspired dress (will look great with a chuncky belt!) and the jacket that reminded me of Burberry's aviator-collection!


  1. Eindeloze 1 2 3 fan!!

  2. awel dat was mij inderdaad ook al opgevallen in de 123 in Leuven! Helaas zijn de t-shirtjes wel nog steeds van het brede en korte type, typisch voor madammen, minder voor meiden.

  3. I think I've never been to a 123 store haha, but the dress looks nice. That black jacket reminds me a lot of a Surface To Air jacket from their current collection

  4. Mijn zus heeft hier een prachtige sherlock-cape van de 1.2.3 van een 3 tal jaar geleden. Kga er es 'n post van maken! Ik stap die winkel soms ook nog 's stiekem binnen :)