Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Louis Vuitton and the FIFA World Cup

Who says sports and fashion do not mix?

Sure, I'm not that kind of girl that picks up running or will go cycling "just because it so much fun, and the weather is nice and I love to get my hair all messy from time to time...". But there is one thing I look forward to every two years; soccer's european championship and the world cup!

I off course cheer for the Italian team! My dad says they won't win this year, since 'coach Lipi has put together the same team as four years ago, which already won and therefor isn't motivated enough to do its very best!" And this while all the eyes will be on the current world champion for sure.

So if not Italy, who will take the world cup home? Well, whoever will be so lucky to win the cup will surely have the most stylish traveling case for it, since Louis Vuitton has created a special case for the golden statue!

Please let it be Italy!

(source: // Photo: Mazen Saggar - Louis Vuitton)

Since I will be in NYC, I will probably miss Italy's first game against Paraguay. But my boyfriend keeps on nagging about how he wants to see the game in a American sports bar, but you guys don't watch soccer right? Right? NYC is made for shopping, not for watching european sports!


  1. The Netherlands will win!!! whoop whoop.. I hope so.. Dan is het ORANJE BOOOOVEN hahahaha, but ok, i'm gonna snatch that suitcase for sure! hahaha

  2. Clearly you've missed Nike's pop-up Stadiums. Since it's PSFK approved, I suppose it's fashionista/hipster approved too. You should check out the Bowery neighborhood anyhow so no harm done.

    Have fun in NYC!