Thursday, June 10, 2010

Off to New York City

I'm studying for my film history exam, which is tomorrow afternoon and is my last exam ever.
Therefor I've been supernervous for the last couple of days. The professor is also the promotor of my thesis so off course, I want to make a good impression.

At the same time, I'm also very anxious for tomorrow to come since -as I mentioned before- my boyfriend and I are leaving for New York City on saturday morning. I still have a million things to do and I haven't even packed my bag yet. Every time I go to my aunt's to borrow her super-sized luggage, she says: "Honey, you don't need to carry along so many things, you just need your passport and your credit card!" But last year, during our previous NYC-trip I learned the hard way, how much damage a VISA can do.

I'm still wondering if I should bring my little Chanel-bag. At least so I won't be tired dragging my bag around after a whole day of walking. My boyfriend on the other hand, prefers the Balenciaga cause that way he can drop al his stuff in my bag and don't have to worry about his wallet getting stolen...

I'm back to my studying. And I'll say goodbye with images from my new favorite "store/blog": The Bergdorf/Goodman-blog! I'll be back next weekend with some NYC-pictures...

The Sex and the City 2-windows at Bergdorf!

(source: Bergdorf Goodman Blog - Pictures: Julia Chesky)

Btw. what will Chanel come up with next? Chanel cotton pads for 20$, crazy!


  1. Veel succes met je examen, ik ben zeker dat ke al een goede indruk hebt gemaakt! En veel plezier in NY, shop maar voor ons allen :)

  2. Actually, those cotton pads are very helpful, they are great for blotting make up.
    Cara from IFB

  3. I am absolutely sure that you will do the exam just great & the man already likes you (as he was talking about you all the time before my thesis presentation :D). Just think about it like I did: you've been with him every week, you already know him and he already knows you are very passionate about film (Which, believe me, can not be said about everyone taking the course! You will notice when you're listening to the people while you are preparing.) so there is no need to be nervous! I'm sure you know the course very well, and the passion for film is a major plus!

    I would go for the Balenciaga. Camera's, sweaters,.. I can't survive a citytrip with a small bag :).