Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New York City - Part Three

One of my favorite streets in NYC is West 14th Street.

The Apple store there is a lot more pleasant to shop, because it's not as busy as the one on 5th Ave. The Alexander McQueen store is definitely a must whenever my boyfriend and I are in town, and eventhough I don't exercise, I always visit the McQueen/Puma-shop next door wishing I did. The Jeffrey-store is always amazing, and it's where I spotted the Chanel Temporary Tattoo's I got for my sister and where I saw the Chanel-necklace I'm planning to get later this month. Across the street there's DVF and just a few minutes away you can find Bleecker Street (think: Marc Jacobs!). What's not to like?

This year my boyfriend and I took a shopping break in High Line Park, an old elevated railway track transformed into a little and quiet oasis. It looked amazing, and you can tell that hours and hours are put into keeping the 'park' as nice as possible. The view from up-there is great too. Too bad that the weather wasn't that great that day.

Afterwards we headed to Bleecker Street to hit the Marc Jacobs-stores on our way to Red Bamboo, another nice vegetarian restaurant with the most amazing soy chicken salad. But while we were getting over there, we noticed that -contrary to last year- there wasn't a two hour-line at Magnolia Bakery. There was actually nobody inside the shop. I'm not one to try out stuff just because it's been on tv or something but I blame that sweet smell of freshly baked cakes for luring us into the shop. Although both the chocolate vanilla and the vanilla cupcake was very good, I was too sugary for my taste. But if you happen to walk by, and there's no ridiculous waiting line outside, go right in and get the vanilla one..

W. 14 th. Street

I bet the view from the Standard Hotel (behind me) is amazing

Wearing a tank top version of the Rue Blanche-shirt I got last winter, my new favorite jeans from Topshop (the Ultimate Skinny Jamie), my all white Converse and my white Balenciaga bag

Magnolia Bakery


  1. Zit een beetje te veel 'stuff' op die cakejes naar mijn goesting, maar ze zien er toch wel behoorlijk lekker uit :D

  2. Leuke foto's uit NY je had wss een super trip, en zie ik daar ook DVF building op de achtergrond? Ik vind dat gebouw zo super!
    en die cupcakes zien er geweldig uit, jammie!