Monday, June 21, 2010

New York City - Part One

First day, first pictures.

NYC at this time of year was so much fun. The weather was great, comfortably warm -yet a bit humid from time to time. By the way, can someone explain me why all stores on the island put their AC on 0°C? Like last year, I ended up with a cold thanks to those glacial temperatures inside.

Sales had started, which was great. Up to -60% off, even at some of the most expensive luxury fashion brands. But off course that also meant that there was no size 38 in shoes left in whole Manhattan. The Proenza Schouler-dress I wanted was on sale too ($ 1 520 > $ 900), but once again no sizes left that fitted me -although 6 is usually my size when it comes to PS... Nor could I find the DVF-dress or the Rodarte-shirt I was looking for. And basic items at most european fashion houses were about 30% more expensive in NYC than in Brussels, so I'm planning to buy them here in Belgium.

So I did a lot of shopping, but didn't end up buying a lot, certainly not as much as I did last year. Even though I was a bit disappointed shopping-wise, I had a great time with my boyfriend. I still can't believe how he manages to be in a good mood even though he was as jet-lagged as me (think: waking up at 3AM).

More pictures and a video will follow...

57th and 5th Ave. // Tiffany & Co. store behind me
Soy & Sake is the best vegetarian restaurant ever
Puerto Rico-day in our street
Gossip Girl Palace
Bryant Park minus the fashion week


  1. sucks about the lack of sizes, but may i say you looked rested and fantastic?

    did you happen to see felicity roaming the city? i met ben a couple years back and let's just say it was a swoon moment. he walked over to talk to me and i damn near hit the ground. probably shouldn't admit that for the sake of my pride, but i strive for honesty. shameless honesty.