Thursday, June 24, 2010

New York City - Part Four

After spending 4 out of 6 days shopping, my boyfriend and I decided that it was time to do something else, non-shopping related. And every time I find out that there's a zoo nearby where supercute panda's live, I absolutely need to visit it. Although the Central Park Zoo isn't the home of the large panda, I was excited to see the red panda, one of my favorite animals, along with the snow leopard.

The sea lions was the first to catch our attention, since the animals were playing so pleasantly in the basin. But the little panda really stole my heart. I love that little fox-like face. You could definitely tell that it was too hot outside for him since he was breathing heavily and couldn't find a cool place for him to sleep, so I also kinda felt sorry for the poor creature. Same thing goes for the snow leopard.

After our lovely afternoon at the zoo, we decided to try and find the Alice in Wonderland statue, since I've never been there during my NYC-trips. The statue was three times as big as I imagined it. Oh and if you want to make up with your boyfriend for nagging to him for days about shopping and fashion items you want and need, just take him to the pond across Alice and let him play with the motorized sailboats for a while!

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