Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

So for my thesis, I also have to do some research on fashion documentaries. I'm guessing the whole purpose why big fashion names agree with it, is self-promotion, but I still have to investigate all that scientifically.

(Picture by me, at the 5th Ave. Fendi-store)

Too bad the project on Fashion's Night Out that CBS is planning, won't air until mid September, when the deadline of my thesis has passed for months. The documentary will, like The September Issue, give the viewers an inside-look into the production of this global fashion event.

Last year, my NYC-trip ended a day before Fashion's Night Out started. Too bad, 'cause apparently it was insane. Guest appearances by all of our favorite fashion stars and very cool must-haves. So hopefully, if I go back this year, we will stay until Friday the 10th of September. Save the date!

Oh, and I'm curious for this year's FNO's shirts. And how I wish that Belgium/Antwerp would take part and do something.

More news:
Agyness Deyn is now a model turned -as did Audrey Hepburn.
The short film to watch is Mean To Me.

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