Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Louis Vuitton and Environmental Design

A few weeks ago, I had my oral exam of Human-Computer Interaction. One of the questions I had to answer was how context-aware interfaces can be relevant for augmented reality. I answered with what I wrote down in class and with the content of the slides and I think that went pretty well. It was harder though to give a precise, and original application-example of the two technologies combined.

How I wish this news got out before the exam took place: Louis Vuitton has developed a jewelry line, to attach to your bag or wallet, that detects the user's emotions. Kind of like those old fashioned mood rings, only digitally and so much cooler.

Art director Fernando Lahoz explaines: "The bag incorporates a new HERM (heart and emotion rate monitor) in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry which can be purchased with a bag or separately at Louis Vuitton stores. When attached to a bag the HERM automatically transmits your location and heartbeat via Bluetooth/WiFi to the owner’s smartphone. This heart and emotion rate monitor is automatically tracking the heartbeat and transmitting the information via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi to a smartphone, creating a heartbeat path and storing all the data. The bag is connected to the owner more than ever, saving a trustworthy reminder of the feelings and emotions of the owner during each journey." Plus, the journey the bag's owner made, is then laid out in a map through an iPhone application.

Not only is this a great example of experience design, but it also contributes to the relationship between the 'user' and the brand. And even cooler, and in relation to the context-related exam question, the walls of a Louis Vuitton-store can then e.g. reflect the customers' excitement when visiting the shop. Red being then the color of passion for Louis Vuitton's latest handbag collection for instance.

More info on Lahoz' website, which was also the source for these pictures.

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