Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shopping Spree

Thursday I received some very nice feedback regarding my exam results. And thus, I decided to go and celebrate. Celebrating to me almost equals to shopping. And so we headed off to Belgium's greatest shopping city Antwerp on Friday, and as always, it was totally worth it.

First, I spotted this Alexander McQueen skull shirt for men. I could not believe they hadn't all sold out immediately when the news got out. Now, as I mentioned before, I do wear men shirts, when it comes to McQueen -in size XS that is. But then I realized that I already have quite a few signature pieces by the designer. My boyfriend on the other hand, always bought his low-key designs, and now was risking to be left without an original skull shirt. So I decided to get him one, as a present.

After a delicious hot chocolate at Verso Café, my sister bought a new bag. I'm still so jealous, I can not get over it. Afterwards, I spotted some 'bling', at the Pinko-store. No way that I'm going to wear the logo-shirt that comes with it, but when it comes to brooches, I just have to have them. And this white 'Saint-Tropez' special edition version came with 3 pieces.

Oh and my sister saw the most amazing Nicolas Kirkwood-shoes, the ones she blogged about in October. True masterpiece indeed, too bad it comes with a matching price tag (€ 1100).

Since my boyfriend promised me a long time ago, saturday we went shopping in Brussels. I didn't see anything cool, so 'all I got' were the Chanel ballet flats I longed for, for a while now. Black leather, with a black patent point, easy to mix with my all-black wardrobe. I'm happy. We finished up with a great dinner at Cook & Book and his band's gig at the Belgian seaside.

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  1. Thank god you're not wearing the shirt :) Like the bling though + good about the flats! If they keep coming up, you just have to have them :D